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This leather bound book, written by hand in High Realm by Wyr'palja in black ink, introduces readers to mortal alchemy, providing step by step instructions to master salt circle alchemy. While most of the book is extremely clear, roughly every tenth page is written in some kind of code, and strange symbols litter the margins throughout the book. Products of this circle are the weakest of potions, but also the easiest to make. This circle focuses on the "three essentials" of alchemy -- salt (the contractive force), sulfur (the expansive force) and quicksilver (the integrative force) -- so is sometimes called "sulfur circle" or "quicksilver circle" alchemy.

Those who follow this book's instructions and make all of its formulae can learn the thaumaturgical science of Alchemy without a trainer. This book includes the following formulae:

  • Blood-Staunching Compress: Bandages that stop bleeding
  • Hallucinogenic woad: Pain killing hallucinogen
  • Court poison
  • Venom-Allaying Draught (several versions): Allows mortals an automatic roll to resist poisons.
  • Wound-Cleansing Unguent: Prevents infection during surgery
  • Draught of Blessed Respite: Sleeping potion
  • Maiden tea: Contraceptive and abortifacient.
  • Philtre of Desire: Improve social interaction with a specific target.