Alkahest (book)

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As the introduction to essence-based alchemy, Alkahest departs radically from the moral books. It is written in Old Realm, for one, and contains much more cryptic and arcane language. The pages are formed from some kind of ultra-thin metallic cloth, bound by two clear panes of some kind of sturdy transparent glass. The centerpiece of this tome is a description of the charm needed to work alkahest circle alchemy, Comprehensive Deliquescence Cauldron. Throughout the book are also a number of margin notes that act as keys to decipher the coded pages of Salt.

This book, written by Wyr'palja offers complete instruction in the science of magical alchemy , the alkahest circle. While this circle can only be practiced by masters of mortal alchemy (those with Alchemy ●●●), learning the charm prior to reading Salt and using the keys to understand its coded pages allows someone studying the mortal book to learn the first two dots of mortal Alchemy for free. The book also contains the following formulae: