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Gender: Male
Height: 177 cm
Weight: 77 kg
Eye Color: hazel
Hair Color: white
Skin Color: light
Caste: No Moon
Nature: Explorer

Appearance: •••••
Charisma: ••••
Dexterity: ••••
Intelligence: ••••
Manipulation: •••
Perception: ••••
Stamina: ••
Strength: ••
Wits: •••
Compassion: ••
Conviction: •••
Temperance: •••••
Valor: ••
Willpower: ••••••••
Essence: ••••
Limit: 0

Athletics: •
Awareness: •••
Bureaucracy: •
Craft: ••
Dodge: ••••
Investigation: •••
Larceny: •••
Lore: •••
Martial Arts: ••••
Occult: ••••
Performance: ••
Presence: ••
Socialize: •
Stealth: ••••
Survival: ••
Languages: Riverspeak

Artifact: ••
Heart's Blood: •••
Manse: ••
Mentor: ••••
Renown: •••••

Deadly Beastman Transformation
Finding the Spirit's Shape
Humble Mouse Shape
Tale-Spinning Mastery
Towering Beast Form
Bending Before the Storm
Bowing Reed Technique
Sinuous Striking Grace
Snake Body Technique
Unmoving Bear Defense
Celestial Circle Sorcery
Form-Fixing Method
Lore-Speaking Method
Moonsilver-Shaping Rite
Tattoo-Cutting Wisdom
Terrestrial Circle Sorcery
Emotion-Shaping Technique
Serpent Eye Defense
Shaping the Ideal Form
Autumn Paw Kata
Blinding Snow Coloured Fur
Fox Form
Nine Tails Distraction Art
Tantalizing Beauty of the Flowing Escape
Divining the Hidden Truth
Ever-Wary Fox Technique
Sense-Sharpening Change
Spirit-Scenting Technique
Ox-Body Technique
Body Weapon Technique

Blood of Boiling Oil
Sapphire Countermagic
Summon the Army of the Wild
Becoming the Wood Friend
Commanding the Beasts
Dance of the Smoke Cobras
Death of Obsidian Butterflies
Disguise of the New Face
Emerald Countermagic
Flight of the Brilliant Raptor
Impenetrable Frost Barrier
Mists of Eventide
Purifying Flames
Shadow Summons
Shadowy Simulacrums of Smoke
Sting of the Ice Hornet
Summoning of the Harvest
Virtuous Guardian of Flame



Slender. He dresses in subtle colors that blend into foliage around him. He carries himself with an air of quiet confidence and dignity. Women, both exalted and human are often quite awed by and very attracted to him.


Jaguan was born in the wylds to a small barbarian tribe which served a full moon Lunar named Konger. He spent all of his mortal life weak and sickly. Jaguan was not abandoned or killed due to his weakness because Konger believed that the weak must be protected by the strong.

Jaguan always pushed himself as far as his feeble body would allow and he made use of his other attributes such as intelligence, observation and charm to make up for what he lacked in strength and physical abilities. Despite his illness, the beautiful child was liked by his family and his village where he offered his help cleaning weapons, skinning animals and telling stories to the children. The closest he ever got to action was hearing the stories of the barbarian warriors as they came back from hunting trips etc.

By the time he was 15 his illness had progressed to the point where it was a struggle for him to get around even with a walking stick. He had long since accepted the fact that he would never be strong or accomplish much of anything with his life, but when he saw the proud faces of the fathers when their sons displayed acts of strength and courage, he couldn’t resist wishing that just once he could make his father proud.

He spent a lot of time sitting outside enjoying the moonlight which was kinder to his headaches than the sunlight. Knowing that he was getting sicker and needing a friend to talk to he developed the peculiar habit of talking to the moon. He spent hours looking up at up and gazing at the patterns on the face of the great silver sphere. He loved every line and detail and even tried to memorize the ever changing patterns. He often talked to her about how he wished he could be strong and earn respect before his time was over. He was wishing that he could be someone of worth to Konger, someone that Konger would truly want to have around and not just a burden.

On one such night, Jaguan exhausted himself just getting to his usual spot. He almost made it there but he collapsed of exhaustion just short of the clearing. His last thought as the darkness overtook him was that it was strangely cold, and that he couldn’t see the moon through the trees.

He awoke to the sounds of a child screaming coming from the huts and was able to make out a dark shape passing into one of the little huts. Dune people! Struggling to lift himself he looked to the moon and pleaded with Luna to intervene and save the village offering his own pitiful life in exchange for theirs. “A done deal! I will take you beautiful one”, came a whispering voice that held a hint of amusement. “Now go and save your people”. Rising up on wobbly legs that were not used to getting around Jaguan made it to the huts and seeing the glowing caste mark on his forehead the dune people fled in terror.

Shortly afterwards Konger arrived at the village. Looking at Jaguan, he laughed robustly and slapped Jaguan across the back so hard that he fell over. “Who the hell would have thought” he said. “Now don’t be getting any ideas—this is my territory”.

Konger brought Jaguan to the no moons and remained for his trials. Konger did not allow Jaguan much rest on the trips insisting that he would be running in no time. The idea that he might be able to walk normally seemed a miracle to Jaguan—he could not even imagine what it would feel like to run. Konger put Jaguan through so much exercise and hunting on the way that he was already walking fine by the time they arrived at the no moon camp. After Jaguan was caste as a no moon. Konger came to tell him that Korlysto would be his mentor and that he should remain with the no moons. “Besides that’s my territory back there.” Jaguan laughed knowing that Konger would probably miss him. “Now if the old crab gets to hard on you, you come see me” the big lunar said stoutly.

Jaguan has trained for almost 70 years under Korlysto. He spends most of his time with the no moons, but he never forgets that Luna gave him the chance to physically get around and go places and he does so whenever the opportunity arises. Since he met Guen, the city lunar, opportunity arises a lot more often and Jaguan loves it. Jaguan is currently fascinated with the solars and he and Guen often seek them out to observe them and aid them together. Jaguan currently has several mates back at the lunar camps and numerous offspring.



Jaguan lives to see new places. He doesn’t care if anyone else has been there before: if he hasn’t seen it, it is a new discovery to him. This extends to experience as well as locations, so Jaguan tends to try new things quickly and seek out new experience. He particularly enjoys finding new spells, solars, and new lunars.