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I've written a bunch of stuff for Shadowrun over the years, most of which can be found in the NAGEE or the Shadowrun Supplemental. I host the most recent versions of these articles:

I host the web page for the Dead Deckers Society, a Project Bovine team for Shadowrun players.

I also maintain the FAQ for the rec.games.frp.cyber newsgroup, the Usenet forum for discussing cyberpunk role-playing games, including Shadowrun.

Here is a list of quotes from shadowruns I've been on. They were funny at the time. Honestly.

While not specifically a Shadowrun tool, I wrote the RollPlay Dice Library, which can be used for Shadowrun.

I used to keep a list of all equipment from all Shadowrun books. FASA has asked me not to distribute this list any longer, as they feel it violates their copyright. I disagree that it violates their copyright, as I do not feel such a list would impact their sales in the slightest, but my opinion on the matter is not the important one. Since they asked, and did so very understandingly, I no longer maintain this file for the internet. In addition, I have gone a step further and asked that any site that carries the file remove it permanently.

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