Wordman’s Gaming Page

I spend a good deal of time (probably far too much) reading, playing and writing for role-playing games. I started playing when I was about 10 years old and haven't stopped since.

In mid 2005, I started a local forum in an effort connect gamers in Suffolk County, Long Island. The forum is no more, but I still maintain the site as a static page with references to local gaming groups, stores and so on.

Using a wiki to track recent campaigns has met with mixed success. I'm slowly moving information on characters I've run over the years into it as well. Currently, I'm involved in the following campaigns:

I've also built a number of software titles for use in role-playing games, under the DivNull Software label.

I host a number of gaming files, particularly for Exalted and Shadowrun, on Thor, one of my subdomains. I also host a list of Ptolus battlemaps.

I've played a lot of games over the years, and read many more. Here are some of my favorites:

Shadowrun I've put a lot of effort into Shadowrun. So much, in fact, that I have my own page for it.
Exalted After an aborted foray with another group, I now run my own Exalted campaign. I also maintain my own Exalted page. During that first campaign, I used a random process to build the history of my character, and was quite pleased with the result.
Dungeons & Dragons I've played D&D off an on for a long time (it was my first game). The last time I played was in a very cool campaign which had so much detail that I eventually had to start recording it all to keep track.

Most recently I played in a Second Edition campaign set in Greyhawk.
Blue Planet A brief, experimental stint running a first edition Blue Planet campaign prompted me to create a reference chart for it.
In Nomine I've been waiting for some time for permission from Steve Jackson Games to post a random celestial generator for this game. My character Trellis is slowly going insane from the last campaign.
Earthdawn A neat world, with some strange mechanics. It is somewhat difficult to keep low-level characters alive, even Obsidiman like my character.
Legend of the Five Rings I had fun playing an old man in this game. Pity it is now integrated into D&D.
Everway When I lived in Jersey, I created an Everway character, but never got a chance to play her. The character was a little out there, but the method of character creation was really pretty neat.