Wordman's Shadowrun Fonts

In building the Collected NAGEE, it was neccessary to create some custom fonts. You don't need these to view the NAGEE, but if you want to use the fonts, feel free. There are two fonts, in various faces. They both contain a number of somewhat peculiar key combinations, including some characters that cannot be generated from the keyboard. Apart from these few keys, they are basically normal.

The first font, called Shadowrun, is intended to imitate the main body text font used by FASA in most of its Shadowrun products. I use this font for the main text in both the Collected NAGEE and my character sheets. Apart from the standard character set, this font includes the symbols for many of the bodies in our soloar system, the signs of the zodiac and the symbols for the four basic elements. Note that some of these special characters are a bit hard to generate. The following picture shows most of the characters of the Shadowrun font in 24-point. This font is currently available for Macintosh and 32-bit Windows systems.

Shadowrun font characters

The second font, called Decker, is intended to imitate the decker comment font used by FASA in most of its early Shadowrun products. I used this in the Collected NAGEE for decker comments. The main benefit of using this font is that it contains single characters which produce the strange quoting FASA used for decker comments ( >>>>>[ and ]<<<<< ). Using this font for such 'quoting', file size is significantly reduced, the quotes are all identical in appearance (i.e. no missing greater-than signs), and text is more readable because the space taken up by the quote is narrower. You can see these 'quoting' characers (which replace the guillemot characters) at the lower right of the character picture below. The character used for decker comments (the circle with the greater than symbol) is also included. Because this font was meant to represent on-line comments, I also included several emoticon characters. This font is currently available for Macintosh and 32-bit Windows systems.

Decker font characters

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