Wordman’s Shadowrun Sheets v3.1

Here can be found my most recent character sheets for Shadowrun Third Edition. I have composed a number of character sheets over the years. My most recent sheets have been updated to take into account Shadowrun Third Edition and a number of requests. While I stopped maintaining these sheets at Third Edition, Jhaiisiin has taken up the gauntlet and maintains them for Fourth Edition on his own site. You can download his versions there, or here or here. There are also some other Fourth Edition sheets out there (1, 2).

A while back I released the InDesign sources for these sheets, as well.

Over the years, here's what some people have said of these sheets:

The sheets come in a single PDF file, and require Adobe Acrobat 3.0 or better. There are eight different front sheets and eighteen different backs. Each back is customized for a different type of character. The current types are: cybered magician, magician, houngan, conjurer, mage/decker, decker/physad, rigger, rigger/decker, samurai, mercenary, gadgeteer, physical adept, physical mage and otaku. The front sheets differ in the relative amount of space given for weapons vs. contacts vs. skills. The intent is to mix one front sheet with one back for a single, full sheet. There are also a number of extra sheets containing a page full of a given kind of record (e.g. vehicle, condition monitor, etc.).


Here is a segment of the main front sheet:

Front sheet example

Here is an enlargement (250%) of the condition monitor for the sheets:

Condition monitor example


These sheets are free and may be copied and distributed provided: a) no profit is made by their distribution and b) they remain unaltered.


The main location for these files are from my Thor ftp server. Unfortunately this server tends to be down a lot, so I'm looking for other hosts. If you want to host the sheets, let me know so I can add a link here. If you have trouble downloading from Thor, it is probably down. Please try again later.

Also, some browsers automatically load the sheets for display using a plug-in. If this happens to you and you want to save the sheets as files, you can usually right click or control-click on the link to get a menu from which you can choose "Save Link As...".


The current list of sheets in version 3.1 is:





Version 3.1 (September 6, 2000):

Version 3.0 (December 15, 1998):

Version 2.3 (June 14, 1998):

Version 2.2 (April 10, 1998): Added physical magician and rigger/decker (both by request). some minor edits.

Version 2.1 (February 9, 1998): Adapted to Rigger 2 and Virtual Realities 2.0.

Version 2.0 (long ago): Updated to Shadowrun: Second edition and made PDF.

Version 1.0 (very long ago): Original PostScript sheets.

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