The Collected NAGEE

Originally edited by Jerry Stratton and Tony Moller
Compiled by Wordman

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  1. Introduction
  2. Locations
  3. Personalities
  4. Technology
  5. Shadows
  6. Magic
  7. Entities
  8. Matrix
  9. Fiction

These nine files contain all of the articles in the Neoanarchists Guide to Everything Else volumes I-VI, all combined into one book, with one index. These articles are now available in a searchable web site as well. Whenever possible, the rules, spells, arcetypes and other aspects of the book have been updated to Shadowrun: Second Edition. This includes the spell list, which now has page references as well.

In addition, several other articles are included in this book. These are mostly articles that exist elsewhere on the net, but that I wanted under the same NAGEE roof, so to speak. I hope nobody minds the liberty. The new articles are (as near as I can remember):

A couple of things are missing as well. Mostly, I removed things that were no longer relevant to the current state of shadowrun. For example, a number of spells similar (in some cases shockingly similar) to some that appeared in early editions of NAGEE have been published in official FASA products, and have therefore been removed from this book.

After a long hiatus, the NAGEE has started again. The new NAGEE's will probably not be incorporated into this collection, but perhaps a new collection will start.

The Collected NAGEE has been reviewed quite favorably by the Shadowrun archive. If you wish to review the NAGEE, please let me know.

The files are all Adobe Acrobat PDF files, for best printer reproduction. You can get a free viewer for PDF files from Adobe. I suggest getting the 3.0 version if you can.

PDF is not an editable format. If you need editible version of the stuff in this book, download the original NAGEE in RTF or other format. PDF was chosen over PostScript for this book because it is viewable without printing, allows printing of ranges of pages, can be viewed with a Netscape plugin, and is about one-fifth the size. PDF is also supported on a wide range of computer platforms (Macintosh, Windows 3.1, Windows NT/95, OS/2, Sun SPARC, HP/UX, Silicon Graphics, IBM AIX, LINUX).

These files, while you can read them on screen, are really meant to be printed. Care was taken to make the custom Type 1 fonts used in the book, but the corresponding bitmaps are admittedly hard on the eyes. Trust me, these files look way better printed if you are not using Acrobat 3.x.

Because some asked for it, Mac Word 5.1 format (which is readable by newer versions of Word on both Mac and Windows) is also supported. The Word files are compressed into a StuffIt archive, and you will need StuffIt Expander (for Mac, Windows, or DOS) to decompress them. For best printing of these files, you should also get the fonts from my personal web page. No other version of the collection is available yet, but the original volumes are available in a wide variety of formats.

Note that at the end of each section (file) there may be a blank page. This is intentional. It allows the next section to begin on an odd page for double sided printing purposes.

If you find any typos or other errors, please let me know.

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