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Contrary to popular belief, the name of this bar does not refer to its owner, or any other person named Grey. In fact, there is no Grey working at or associated with the bar. Instead the name is supposed to convey the message: colors mean nothing here.

Greys was started by three gang-members-turned-Shadowrunners as a neutral ground for the gangs of Redmond. The driving idealism of the bar is that the interaction of gang members will help cut down on violent acts between gangs.

Although there were some problems initially, Greys has become accepted by most of the gangs in Redmond. The three founders have shown to be more than a match for earlier opposition, and gangs that don't frequent Greys leave it alone.


The first thing noticed about Greys is that there are no places to park. Vehicles that have been left in front of Greys (against the advice of signs saying no parking) are moved or destroyed by Greys employees. By now most patrons know to avoid parking near Greys.

Greys takes a somewhat novel approach to weaponry: if you are found clean by a weapon scanner, you get 30% off your bill. This system works for two reasons 1) gangs like to save money, and 2) in past instances, as soon as someone drew a weapon (gun, knife, broken bottle, anything) within the confines of the bar, he was immediately killed by Greys employees. There are signs to this affect posted in the entry way (for legal reasons). By now most patrons know to avoid bringing weapons into Greys.

Greys employees come down hard on brawlers as well (but generally let them live). If possible, this is done from a distance with stun magic from Erik (see below). By now… (you get the idea).

In spite of that, Greys can still get pretty wild. Greys employees have no objections to patrons dancing naked on tables or more carnal activity on the dance floor (although in such cases, Erik usually astrally confirms that the involved parties are doing so voluntarily.) Greys turns a blind eye to drug use but asks patrons actively using chips in the bar to stop or to leave (BTL fantasies usually don't involve purchasing Greys alcohol.) Greys is not known for checking age very carefully.

The public portion of Greys is divided into two sections. First reached from the entrance is the main bar room. It contains many tables, more private booths and the bar itself. A wall insulates the room from most of the volume generated by the second half of the room, the dance floor. An archway leads into the dance floor room. It contains a standard recessed dance floor -- surrounded by elevated booths and tables -- and a stage.

The booths overlooking the dance floor are open to all, but those in the main bar room are usable only by those who pay for them (the tables in the main bar room are free, however). Additionally, Greys has two small private rooms a dressing room.


While the founders of Greys use the bar to stop violence, Greys patrons have different ideas. Apart from relatively safe entertainment, Greys provides a perfect venue for deals and alliance agreements. (Most notably the temporary alliance of Redmonds big four to annihilate Xenon;, a group who was interfering in all of their business seemingly at random.)Xenon, a group who was interfering in all of their business seemingly at random.)

Greys also serves as a place for smaller gangs to posture themselves and show what they got. This has the effect of also showing what they have worth taking, but thats gang life. Elven women (especially those from rival gangs) seem to be the Thing Worth Fighting Over this month. A gang member surrounded by female elves (or enslaving female elves) has Status. Thats also gang life.

Greys has also made possible the Cranes;, a small gang bent not on gaining territory of drug markets, but on acquiring information. No one knows if this group has a headquarters, for they are only seen at Greys. Members always wear masks (not unusual for Greys) and a white crane sick pin. While they are still up and coming, they fill a welcome niche at Greys.Cranes, a small gang bent not on gaining territory of drug markets, but on acquiring information. No one knows if this group has a headquarters, for they are only seen at Greys. Members always wear masks (not unusual for Greys) and a white crane sick pin. While they are still up and coming, they fill a welcome niche at Greys.

There are almost no non-gang (or ex-gang) people to be found at Greys, including the employees. Organized crime is not welcome, which has caused some problems in the past. The Yakuza is rapidly learning the lesson the gangs did in the early days: interference in the operation of Greys will not be tolerated. The owners have quite a bit of power in terms of both influence and physical/magical strength and at this time generally have support of a few gangs who don't like the Yakuza interfering with their territory. However, Greys is careful not to take an offensive stance against the Yak, figuring that a don't mess with us, we don't mess with you strategy is more financially sound.


Employees of Greys, of both sexes (65% female) and all races, wear gray suits (complete with gray shirt, gray tie, etc.). Most are usually gang members or ex-gang members, so can usually handle themselves. All have been trained to some degree by Thane (see below). Most employees serve drinks, but each night a half dozen are exempted from serving drinks to provide wandering security (which half dozen are chosen is determined by a rotating schedule.)

In addition, five men and three women have been highly trained by Thane and serve as security every night. It is these people that usually deal with troublemakers (see above). Naturally, if a serious problem emerges, all employees are expected to do their part.

The door is guarded by one of Thane's well trained cadre and two bouncers: Bob, a big troll, and Mucus, an even bigger ork. If prospective customers pass through two weapon detection systems (ratings 5 and 7, in that order) without setting them off, they are given some sort of token indicating so (it changes nightly). They are not required to wear it. If they present it with their bill, they receive 30% off. Weapons are not taken from those who have them (but see above).

There are four bartenders, three on duty at any given time: April, a rather plain elf; Wax, a handsome human with gold eyes; a middle-aged (although still in good shape) human man named Juan; and Karen, a surprisingly attractive ork woman.

The owners of Greys were all part of a very successful Shadowrunning team (so successful that most people have never heard of them). All grew up in gangs in Redmond, but severed their gang affiliations long ago.

Thane started as a Warrior in the now defunct Priests. His orkish strength and high intelligence made him very successful. Thane is fast (very fast), calm and deadly. His success as a runner allowed him to install some high quality cyberware. He is of two minds regarding violence: he would much rather see violence never occur, but when it does, it should be handled immediately with excessive force.

Erik is a mage of considerable ability. It is he who usually demolishes vehicles who park in front of Greys. He was given a full ride scholarship to Seattle University. He became the first dwarf to receive a Masters in Magical Theory and Arts at the top of his class.

Mithral is a telepathic telekinetic. (Actually, she is a sorcery adept, but she doesnt know that.) His considerable abilities have helped to overcome some legal problems in the past. Mithral handles most of the financial aspects of the Greys operation.

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