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Lady Adana

Lady Adana is the niece of Biron Brukenbrod. Tanador slept with her in Brukenbrod.


Known as the "Silver Spider", this assassin is legendary, even mythical. She does exist, or at least many in the Shadow Guild say she does. She gives out signature rings to those in her favor. Dylan Vlad says she has five deciples.

Thorn ran into in disguise as a hapless maiden named Alison.



House of Brannoncrast

An influential family in Anden, led by Baroness Hildebrand.


An assassin under contract from Elementide members to kill us.


Brint is very quiet. He may not be able to talk. Appearing as a large boy, Brint is assistant to Javes. It is assumed he is a member of the Shadow Guild.

Biron Brukenbrod

Biron is the uncle of Lady Adana and a resident of Brukenbrod.

Captain Dowell

Dowell was the captain of the Second Strike, the pirate ship that McBride had served upon. Dowell was a White Knight and a friend of Thorn.

Captain Tortuga

Obnoxious ship captain who favors "outrageous trowsers", with a thick French-like accent.

Don Ally

Brother of Lady Adana, Don Ally worked for Elementide. He was killed in Shasta by an unknown Nyissan priest.


A dull but honest member of a village that Thorn saved from leucrotta.

Earl Grey

A smart, Asturian noble. He loves Lady Narita, and was force to capture her to be with her. Other nobles now move to war on him on this basis. He asked us to help brief his troops and help speed the production of an heir to both the Grey and Narita titles. He holds what he claims is the Dragon Orb. He blends his own tea, which he exports. His castle relies on illusion to look opulent, as his funds are nearly non-existant.


A jowly man, Efrem is esentilly a fixer. He was wrongfully imprisoned with us in Rosgoe. I made a deal with him to spread the name of Thorn in exchange for information about what is inside the Harkken Mountains.


Asturian villager who married Filippe.


A Red Guard member who became an intergral part of Thorn after we spared his life. He married Elzbeth in a village in Asturia, and we think of him as dead, in order to spare him from persecution from the Reds for desertion.



Baroness Hildebrand

The matron of the House of Brannoncrast. At one time the Baroness had a pize cloak and carriage, before Tanador accidentally burned them.


A jewel merchant, Javes runs his own store. He is also a member of the local Shadow Guild. He is generally a nervious sort of guy. Javes' assistant is Brint.

Arthur Lillenhiem

A minor nobleman in Brukenbrod. Father of of Lawren.

Lawren Lillenhiem

A minor noblewomen in Brukenbrod, chased by Tanador (carrying her underwear). Only daughter of Arthur.


A sword for hire met in the Iron Stave.

Lord Michael of the Iron Fist

Performed the duties of second to Sir Bradley of the Black Orchid during a duel in Glencoe.

Lady Narita

An Asturian noble, dim-witted (even by Austurian standards) and current "prisoner" of Earl Grey. The two of them are actually lovers. Some notes reference Narita as "baroness".

Old Wolf

Old Wolf

Rebecca Pelladella

Loves archery and archers. She frequents the Contest of Ways.

Brucken Rassen

An Anden merchant. Married to Talia.

Talia Rassen

A childhood friend of Tanador, now married to Brucken.


Sal'm tends bar and owns the Brass Knob. He is from Trek.

Lady Silvia

A noble in Glencoe, Silvia gained noteriety recently by almost being the object of a duel between Sir Henry and Sir Bradley. Many people have known Lady Silvia, apparently, in the Biblical sense.

Annabelle Silven

Recently engaged to Tanador. Lives with father Sirus in Pembroke Square in Bamphf.

Sirus Silven

Recently banished from the Guild_of_Revierus. Lives with daughter Annabelle in Pembroke Square in Bamphf.

Varca of Mand

Leader of a clan opposing Redlus to Dolos.