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A large city on the River Bastara toward the northeastern border of Dalenden.

  • Nation: Dalenden
  • Population: 50,000+
  • Deity: none
  • Symbol: none
  • Flag: none


Union Warf Sector

Bar/Brothel: This rowdy bar hosts scruffy sailing men who are unafraid to puke on Red Guardsmen. The serving wench is named Frannie.

The Iron Stave

Market Sector

Jewlers Store: The jewelers shop is run by Javes. While legitimate jewelry work is done there, it functions as a front for the Shadow Guild. There are hidden passages underneath it.

Crown Harvest: This is a large inn.

"Baralna": This is a small bar with a very intricately carved, possibly elvish, sign. The sign doesn't look like a name, but might contain letters spelling out something like Baralnaganonmonfrengensingen. The bar hosted minor nobles and merchants. Have seen grey cloaked uniformed figures spending large shiny coins within. Inside, the bar hosts, among other objects, intricately carved boxes, possibly from Cassidina.

Other Sector

Brass Knob: A reasonably classy bar with live entertainment, great food, and amazing beer. The bartender owner is Sal'm. Dylan Vlad told the story of Necron the Wizard to a packed house which included Magista and her entourage.




Don Ally was killed by Nyissan priest in alley.

Thorn also killed lots of Red Army soldiers in the "Baralna".