Guild of Revierus

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One of the foremost metal-workers guilds in the world, the work of members of the Guild of Revierus is renowned and respected world wide.

Political in-fighting is rife in the upper echelons of the guild.

The guild has some degree of ceremony, including a ceremony for members who have died. The leaders of ceremonies are not reserved for a particular office or individual, but rather selected by the occasion. Leading a ceremony generally has deep political implications.


Parker Bestarla

A senior guildsman in the Guild of Revierus, Parker served as master of ceremony to Redlus to Dalos's memorial service. Tandador inadvertently and severely tarnished his career by singing an inappropriate song at the service.

Redlus to Dalos

A well-loved guildsman, Redlus lead the Guild of Revierus until his death. Tanador sang at his funeral ceremony, offending nearly everyone present.

Harvec Roz

Harvec, a member of the Guild of Revierus, engineered Parker Bestarla's downfall by having a lackey instruct Tanador to play the theme song of Varca of Mand.

Known Employees

Sirus Silven

Recently banished from the Guild_of_Revierus. Lives with daughter Annabelle in Pembroke Square in Bamphf.