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Brukenbrod is a large city on the western coast of Dalenden on the Dontrodos Sea.

  • Nation: Dalenden
  • Population: 100,000+
  • Deity: none
  • Symbol: none
  • Flag: none


South Side

Located right on the cliffs of the city, this section houses some of the seedier neighborhoods, warehouses, and the docks.

Brukenbrod Prison

Under the domain of Senator Steven of Sussex, the prison in Brukenbrod is known to be one of the best in the world. Located on the south side of the city, close to the warehousing distruct about 100 feet from the coastal cliffs in Brukenbrod, the prison holds a large gathering space for the viewing of public executions.

The guards of the prison have very strange manners. They wear mail veils over the faces and seem unable to speak clearly. They're behavior indicates that they may possess enhanced senses of smell and/or hearing, possibly developed from living underground for a long while. No one has ever seen a guard outside the prison, leading us to believe that they are interred inside as well. The guards do not appear to be armed. It is unknown if they can see or not.

Torture goes on in the prison. Healing magics are employed to prevent an early death in the victim. At least on person in the prison knew very much about the service, so it is likely that other in the know are being held here for information.

The Crow's Nest

A pirate bar. Long benches, oranges, fried potatoes and fish. Martha the