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Bamphf is a large city on the River Bastara, near the northern border of Dalenden, beyond which is Orrim. Bamphf is the center of intelligence for the Red Army, which occupied it. It hosts a symphony and is known as the center of the world silver trade.

  • Nation: Dalenden
  • Population: 100,000+
  • Deity: none
  • Symbol: none
  • Flag: none
  • Leader:


The Silver Hog

A tavern.


Large tavern near the docks.

Pembrook Square

Neighborhood where Annabelle Silven lived.

The Red and Black

Thorn killed some Red Guards there.

The Evil Eye



A venue where Dylan Vlad played a "near miss" to a song related to the secret of the Carmarthen Service, which had a strange effect on the audience.


The Guild of Revierus has a six story hall in the center of the city.