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Nain-ya Guen -

It is with great surprise that we received your hawk, Enya, and even more when reading your message. I realize that Jaguan was the intended recipient of your request, so please forgive me for the indiscretion in reading it. Jaguan hasn't been by in some time, no doubt up to his usual insanity. It is fortunate that this message came to me instead, however, as I can answer it while Jaguan cannot.

When the sorceress Wyr'palja was buried, Creation was much larger than it is now. Since the invasion of the Fair Folk after the Great Contagion, the borders of Creation have retreated and the tomb you seek lies deep within the eastern Wyld. Several centuries ago, Well-Groomed Angel, a shahan-ya whose humor, courage and cunning are still praised to this day, sought out the tomb. Find the tomb she did, protected from the warping of the Wyld by some internal magic. But, not being a Chosen of the Sun, she could not enter. Her searching drew the attention of the Fair Folk horde, and the stars themselves whisper tales of her legendary escape. That is a tale for another time, though. Suffice it to say that her actions angered Cahlenna, a raksha noble of the Opal Court (who dominates that area of the Wyld) and the head of the Topaz Household, an alliance of Fair Folk hunters. Since then, she has become obsessed with hunting our kind.

A hundred years later, a small pack of no-moons thought that they might be able to gain entrance to the tomb, but it was no longer where Well-Groomed Angel had found it. The pack found out that Cahlenna, while she could not enter it either, nor warp it to her will, had been expending tremendous energy to relocate the tomb by moving the terrain on which it sits. The pack did track it down eventually, but their theory on how to open the tomb was a miserable failure. Only one made it back to us, but he fled into the Wyld several years later and has never returned.

Of late, this tomb has been on my mind. Several months ago, references to a particular relic were uncovered, suggesting it might be buried along with Wyr'palja. While our need for this item is not high, it would be devastating if it were to fall into the hands of the Fair Folk. It has remained safely in the tomb for centuries, but can we take the chance that will last? Could these new corrupted solars like this Regret fellow Jaguan speaks of open the tomb? I do not know, but I would rather find out on my own terms. While time is not pressing, I'd be pleased if you and your solar companions would visit to discuss the matter further.

By the way, Saerssa has joined you in the ranks of the changing moons. Her solutions to her trials were unorthodox, to say the least, and impressed many, though her sharp tongue and general ill manner angered just as many. It's rare that we find one so old, though, and her territory and sizable pack gained her much respect, as did her stories of defending her jungle. She is now known as uf-ya among us, and has returned to her pack in the jungle.

I look forward to hearing your own stories. From what Jaguan tells me, it smells as if you have much to tell.

- Korlysto