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The ghost now known as Bezul was born over a millennia ago on a farm outside Q'in Sanizaj. He had given up farming to start his own business in in the city when the Contagion struck, followed by the fall of the city to Fair Folk. He managed to live through both and escape into the wilderness, but the Wyld energies that followed the Fair Folk soon had mutated him, turning him into a giant with a quilled tail. He survived for a few months in this state, but was eventually killed. His mutations had been so complete that he retained them in the Underworld, an oddity lost among the vast horde of Contagion victims now flooding the land of the dead. While he avoided official scrutiny in the confusion and thought to set himself up in the Underworld, the call of the Wyld was too great, and he returned to it, periodically at first, then for good. As he did so, he renounced his given name (i.e. learned Former Life Destruction Technique), taking on the name Bezul.

Over the centuries, he has taught himself what Arcanoi he could uncover, becoming a master of possession and essence manipulation. He found both of these traits useful in the Wyld, particular his ability to fill essence-containing gems. While exploring the Wyld, he has made his way by trading these gems and his ability to fill them, usually with raksha intent on visiting creation. Business in some decades has been better than others. While he is a powerful ghost, he generally needs friends to survive the Wyld, particularly the politics of raksha and spirit courts. He can usually navigate political waters well enough, but has occasionally spent decades impoverished and even spent one century captive to a raksha.

Bezul lives to explore, largely addicted to the Wyld's shifting nature and how even familiar places can be different. His experience in the Eastern Wyld makes him an invaluable guide to the area, a fact he occasionally capitalizes on. He has rescued a number of Guild caravans who got lost on a number of occasions, escorting them out of the Wyld. Bezul also has first hand knowledge of the First Age, at least from a mortal perspective, and has talked with his share of savants daring enough to enter the wyld.

As a former citizen of Q'in Sanizaj, he is well away of Wyr'palja, though she had died before he was born. He has always found it distasteful that her tomb was found by Cahlenna and used as bait for lunars, so he greeted with some joy the news that the tomb had been taken from her by the legendary unshaped Kinaniz, though he is unaware of its history and doesn't know that Cahlenna is now its captive.


  • Portrait cards
  • Bezul
  • Combat sheet for fen hounds


Into the Wyld

  • Images of Wyld creatures
  • Hatra Bushes
  • Mushroom spores
  • Invisible jellyfish bring down the car
  • Bezul accosted by Wood Spiders


Setting: Forest of Arms
Purpose: Get party on track to destination. Also buff their essence containing gems.
Concept: Bezul will introduce himself. If asked, will indicate he is an essence merchant, and explain what that means. Probably will offer to fill essence-containing gems in exchange for the help. Will ask what the group is looking for, how they got there and why they were wandering around. Will be interested in told about visions. If asked about elementals, will explain they were trying to force him to work for them, trying to expand their influence of their court. Will know much about Wyr'palja, Q'in Sanizaj, Cahlenna, Kinaniz and Wyr'palja's mausoleum.
Complications: Probably none.


Setting: Eastern Wyld
Purpose: Scare party with destination.
Concept: Bezul can take them where they need to go. He will possess an inanimate object to travel with them. He will guide them deeper into the Wyld, passing a number of forests, even a few made of glass. Bezul will force them to land, possess a creature with the body of a horse, the tail of a dragon, and the long neck and head of a peacock. Will lead them a short way through the forest, then repeat scene 17 from Medicine Lodge Vision. The group will see the edge of this forest, then a forest below, with a trunk rising out of it, with something that looks like a weird mix of forest, a fortress and city. Bezul will point out large bird leaving this forest and flying to fortress. Twin dragons emerge and just completely annihilate the thing, suggesting approach by air may not be wise. Complications: May veer off from plan.

The Fen

Setting: Fen
Purpose: Approach.
Concept: To approach on foot, they need to go across the forest below, which is mostly a fen. At some point, they will probably run into the fen hounds and need to fight them. In waist-deep water (-2 dice). And fog (clear to 10 yards, murky to 30 (-1 sx)). Complications: Combat, might avoid.

Hall of Glass

Setting: Kinaniz
Purpose: Combat.
Concept: No matter how they enter Kinaniz, they will almost have to go through it's entrance waypoint, the Hall of Glass. Combat with a big dragon? Complications: Combat, might avoid.

Fighting the Revolution