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Elementide is a group which is basically an adventuring party. They seem to have their fingers in other pies nowadays, but still see each other, with the exception of Necron. It is thought that their actions are a bit too consistant to be hired by multiple patrons.



Elementide's priest, Agachack follows Set (as Agachack has been seen to work snake magic). Blonde and clean shaven. Smug. Usually carries staff, one scimitar on his waist, and another on his back. Wears incomplete plate mail. He uses poison. His room is decorated with Nyissian rugs and tapestries from Orrim, both with snake motifs. He smokes a hooka. Power-hungry.


Champion of last Contest of Ways and archer for Elementide. Currently working for Red Army in high ranking capacity. Favored weapons: twin hand crossbows. Brother to Brimbrax. Rumored to have "true-sight".

Soft and doting early in his career. He had a beautiful, capable wife Caridwin. The Senator of Sussex raped and killed Caridwin in front of her six children, then killed most of them. The others went mad. Antovel pleaded for his friends to kill the Senator, but they would not. Antovel is now in the Red Army in order to get close enough to Sussex to kill him.


Currently working for Red Army in high ranking capacity and muscle for Elementide. Brother to Antovel. Preferred weapon: very large ball-and-spike flail named Tunderak. The more he hits you the stronger he gets, but the more he misses, the weaker he becomes. Acted as second to Sir Henry during a duel in Glencoe. He looks to be able to catch arrows. He is a member of the Order of the Black Orchid and claims to be a member of the Grangers.

Donnes Krell

Muscle for Elementide, Krell wears full black plate mail. Rides magnificent black horse, with checkered red and black banner across it, with some yellow. Knocked cold by Magista. From the family Krell. Bully.


Ronin Myrmidon, now part of Elementide


The man in the black hat, a rouge-type with Elementide. He is a member of the Shasta Shadow Guild. He's also kind of a dick-weed. Teleports, up to thrice a day.

Aliases: Allum, Lamner.


Powerful ice mage, who once ran with Elementide. Brought snow to battle at Grey's Castle. Scared Magista.

His story, briefly, is this:

  • Mage wanting more power
  • By focusing on elements, he could get more power.
  • Very rich.
  • Became impatient.
  • Turned to element of ice for ultimate power. It is "unyeilding, unweilding".
  • Losing bearing and mobility, withdrawn.
  • Servants report hearing evil and dark things.
  • Found wand of frost.
  • Obsessed with unlocking the powers of the wand, and shunned by public.
  • Found dark and oily tome which unlocked the powers of the wand.
  • Went to tower to do it.
  • Tower exploded at dawn.
  • He was found in the wreckage, with blue skin.
  • Just before mourning of servants, maniacal laughter grew from nowhere and kept growing.
  • With a rush, ice grew through the walls, destroying the castle and bringing an early frost to the land.
  • Now early frosts associated w/ Necron.

Known Employees

Don Ally

Brother of Lady Adana, Don Ally worked for Elementide. He was killed in Shasta by an unknown Nyissan priest.


An assassin under contract from Elementide members to kill us.