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Powerful ice mage, who once ran with Elementide. Brought snow to battle at Grey's Castle. Scared Magista.

His story, briefly, is this:

  • Mage wanting more power
  • By focusing on elements, he could get more power.
  • Very rich.
  • Became impatient.
  • Turned to element of ice for ultimate power. It is "unyeilding, unweilding".
  • Losing bearing and mobility, withdrawn.
  • Servants report hearing evil and dark things.
  • Found wand of frost.
  • Obsessed with unlocking the powers of the wand, and shunned by public.
  • Found dark and oily tome which unlocked the powers of the wand.
  • Went to tower to do it.
  • Tower exploded at dawn.
  • He was found in the wreckage, with blue skin.
  • Just before mourning of servants, maniacal laughter grew from nowhere and kept growing.
  • With a rush, ice grew through the walls, destroying the castle and bringing an early frost to the land.
  • Now early frosts associated w/ Necron.