Wyr'palja's Spellbook

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The spell book of the solar Wyr'palja (or, at least, one of them) is a thick tome of perfectly square pages, roughly fifteen inches on a side. The front and back covers are made from flawless white marble, of the same variety used to construct manses. In minute relief, the front cover features various bird imagery intertwined with three interlocking circles. The back features the same circles, with representations of the five elements. The book contains hundreds of pages, but they are so thin that they stack to be only a half-inch thick. The spine is made of some kind of transparent, rubbery substance that holds the pages and covers in place. The book is organized into loose chapters, mostly written by hand in Old Realm.

Thoughts on Devon and Salina

This chapter contains largely unorganized ramblings and observations comparing the analytical approach to sorcery favored by Devon with the emulation of natural connections favored by Salina. From the text, it is clear that Wyr'palja taught herself sorcery initially, using something close to the Salinan method, and much of what follows is an attempt to reconcile this with the Devonian teachings of her mentor Tarim and, later, her early scientific approach to alchemy. Eventually, she realized her alchemical studies, in spite of being very methodical, really were investigating the connections of nature, and this led her to understand celestial sorcery much better. And this, in turn, made her a better alchemist.

Disjointed as it is, this chapter can be of use to those attempting to learn celestial sorcery. It also contains the secrets of Salinan Absorbtion, a permanent Occult charm that refines the practice of sorcery by those following the Salinan school. It can also act as instruction for the science of Spellcrafting and ●●.

Invitation to the Calibration Feast

Though this section starts as a rambling diatribe against her mentor Tarim and a number of other solar sorcerers, it eventually becomes a lucid description of how Wyr'palja learned solar circle sorcery, in spite of interference from other solars. This culminates in the invention of the spell that created Q'in Sanizaj and the resulting invitation to the Calibration Feast for solar sorcerers (essentially enacted to prevent solars from summoning third circle demons.)

Sorcerers of the Salinan school can use this text to guide them in learning solar circle sorcery.

Thoughts on the Dragon Kings

More of a collection of notes, this section paints a fairly detailed picture of civilized Dragon King society in the First Age. It also talks at length about their tendency to slide towards savagery and how to "heal" them back to civilized, using charms and spells.


This chapter contains formulae for the following terrestrial spells: (it actually contains more, but these are the ones the circle hasn't seen before):

  • Death of Obsidian Butterflies - Fill an area with slicing glass butterflies.
  • Demon of the First Circle - Summon a minor demon
  • Dragon-Soul Sun - A spell that helps to enlighten Dragon Kings.
  • Flight of Separation - Separate into a flock of birds and reassemble miles away
  • Flight of the Brilliant Raptor - Throw a large bird of fire at a target
  • Friend of the Feathered Host - Summon and control birds
  • Infallible Messenger - Send a long message to anyone, nearly instantly.
  • The Ravenous Fire - Set nearly anything on fire, even things that don't normally burn.
  • Ritual of Elemental Empowerment - Invest and objects with one of the five elements.
  • Summon Elemental - Summon a minor elemental

It also contains notes on summoning elementals and demons, details of the limit profiles in Savant & Sorcerer (pp 87-99) as well as that of the sycophant. It also gives true names for a wide variety of demons and several elementals.


This chapter contains formulae for the following celestial spells (it actually contains more, but these are the ones the circle hasn't seen before):

  • Cantana of Empty Voices - A sonic attack on an extremely large area.
  • Demon of the Second Circle - Summon a strong demon.
  • Dolorous Reflection - Hurl ranged attacks back at the attacker.
  • Eternal Crystalline Encasement - Preserve objects perfectly within crystal.
  • Force of Life's Summer - Force a non-sentient organism to grow to maturity in moments.
  • Incomparable Body Arsenal - Transform into a body of iron, bristling with weapons
  • Mercury's Deliverance - Create a barrier that prevents emerald or sapphire magic from affecting what lies within.
  • Piecemeal Winged Migration - Summon a flock of birds that dissemble a structure, carry the pieces for miles, and reassemble them.
  • Princes of the Fallen Tower - Summon a host of creatures that can dissolve inanimate objects.
  • Raise the Puissant Sanctim (svnt.57) - Fashion a manse on a demesne based on a set of detailed plans.
  • Spell Matrix - Build a pattern of essence through which a spell may be more quickly cast.
  • Swift Spirit of Winged Transportation - Summon a huge bird to transport a vessel through the air.
  • Travel Without Distance - Teleport to a place you have seen that is within 10 miles.

This chapter also contains notes on summoning second circle demons in general and specific summoning names and notes for the demons more commonly known as:

  • Alveua, Keeper of the Forge of Night, expressive soul of That Which Calls to Shadows
  • Berengiere, the Weaver of Voices, indulgent soul of the Green Metal Sun
  • Gervesin, the Grieving Lord, messenger soul of the Green Metal Sun
  • Gumela, the Jeweled Auditor, wisdom soul of the Prince Upon the Tower
  • Lucien, the Guardian of Sleep, expressing soul of the End of All Wisdom
  • Makarios, the Sigil's Dreamer, warden soul of That Which Calls to Shadows
  • Octavian, the Living Tower, defining soul of the Ravine of Whispers
  • Ronwe, The Unlit Pedagogue, messenger soul of That Which Calls to Shadows


This chapter contains formulae for the following solar spells:

  • Abjuration of the Maidens - Create an area in which spells and charms do not work.
  • Adamant Countermagic - Dispel solar circle magic.
  • Benediction of Archgenesis - Make a large area fertile for hundreds of years.
  • City Seed - Grow an empty city from the surrounding countryside.
  • Community Glazing Hex - Turn a neighborhood and its mortal inhabitants into glass.
  • Craft the Puissant Sanctim (svnt.57) - Fashion a manse on a demesne, letting the spell design the manse.
  • Demon of the Third Circle - Summon a powerful demon.
  • Flock of Hungry Raitons - Summon a huge flock to attack a large area.
  • Rising Sun Investment - Return a pure solar shard into a body that once contained it.
  • Total Annihilation - Create a column 50 yards wide and five miles high that deals 50L to anyone inside, then starts expanding for several turns.
  • Wrath of the Five Elements - Call down a series of elemental attacks to devastate a single opponent.

It also contains sparse notes on summoning third circle demons, with summoning names and particular notes on the demons commonly known as: