Wyr'palja's mausoleum

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Tomb of Wyr'palja. Murals outside. Very steep, narrow stairs to entrance.

Top Level


  • Aviary: Glass bird scultptures, animate like obsidian butterflies (but peircing) when anyone enters the space between the steps. Statue and pool filled with coins; might also be a Grimtooth-style "spear dips down into the pool to electrocute anyone messing with the coins" trap to discourage mortals (tomb built by dragon-blooded, after all).
  • False Tomb: Find three fire pots, one five colors of jade, one moonsilver and starmetal, one orichalcum. They have faint scents. Rack of potions without labels on the outer aviary well, can match by smell or with serious botantical/alchemy skill. Disks for each circle of magic. When pots filled with correct stuff, and put in correct location, then lit, smoke swirls around white circle. For one hour, those who step on circle are teleported to second level. If mixed wrong, lethal gas. Sarcophagus itself trapped (essence explosion). Meaningful murals on all, including one map of pre-Contaigion Creation (possible hint to Parlainth-type lost cities). Hints on founding of city.

Second Level



Automaton, possibly something like the Feathered Serpent (which would be right in character with Wyr'palja), but more lethal. Maybe two or more. Animates when door opens. Murals with hints.

Hall of Mist

when all in room, door shuts, room fills with mist. Those inside teleported to random locations in room. Pitch dark and filled with mist. Like simulacrums of smoke. Each round, essence darts fly around, dealing damage. Pits as well. Possibly a Cloak of Deadly Automata (guardian) defends the place, scary in the smoke. Basically, best defense is not to enter.

Alchemy Workshop

Wyr'palja's mausoleum - alchemy workshop

  • Alchemy storage: contains anything DB's didn't understand. Forumlae for tons of stuff. Artifacts.
    • Copies of Salt, Aether, Gold, Alkehest and Berith.
    • Solvent the lunars are after.

Artificing Workshop

Books, tools, artifacts.

  • Acid Rainforest: Forest of crystal trees. When far door touched, unless trigger hit, starts rain of acid.

Reality Engine

like Wonderous Globe of Precious Stability, but bigger and draws power from the wyld itself, not a hearthstone. Section of floor hides stairway to lower level.

Lower Level


Lower level has very low ceiling. Must crouch. Each section has an anteroom with possessions valuable to exalt. Filled with automaton assassins.

  • Lunar: bird-based lunar. Other loot.
  • Solar: spell book w/ celestial and solar spells. Other loot. On the solar side, one chamber holds the real body and the goodies, the others all hold Minions of Deadly Touch, all created by Wyr'palja and made to look exactly like her. All will pretend they were in suspended animation and that they are the real Wyr'palja. These minions also contain pocket of Elsewhere containing Wyr'palja's most prized possessions, which she entrusted to no one.