Heathcliff Corday

From DivNull RPG

As Senator, Heathcliff has as authored trade agreements/treaties with Nyissa and Kralld. The young spitfire of the assembly, Heathcliff will already be remembered by history. Dredging the river Bastara opened the way for trade for Bamphf and Shasta. His most radical proposal, however, is to not only have trade with Orrim, but the Red Army as well, with whom he wants to make a truce. When actually voting, however, he is a moderate who usually casts his vote wherever the majority is heading.

An impulsive younger man with black hair, Heathcliff is known for his smarts. He is rumored to have a large library of legend, scholarship and myth concerning the existence of elves. He pays no obvious homage to the gods. The Corday family seeks to expand their nation’s borders into Orrim. The family’s colors are green, brown and white.