Approaching the Glass City

From DivNull RPG

Abstract: Traveling to the glass city

Dramatic Purpose: Chapter framing

Setting: Most likely being carried by a Swift Spirit of Winged Transportation, flying towards the direction of the pull, leading into the southern desert.

Order: After The Outside Calls

Principals: Gloriously Still Alloy, Heavenly Bitter Metal, Silkily Descending Mountain, Unrepentantly Battleworn Servant. Sandclouds.

Specifics: The Eye of Autochthon has opened in the southern desert Wyld, forming a large glass city, a stable oasis surrounded by 400 miles of bordermarch. Characters may be able to detect they they have entered one (Perception + Occult (3)).

Clouds will begin to follow them once in the bordermarches. They will converge and start raining sand. This will be minor harassment to the circle, but may cause problems for the flying spirit if not dealt with. Clouds are easily destroyed, but can only be hit by energy-type attacks. Bird lurches in surprise, maybe.

Circling the city, see remnants of a crashed vehicle on the edge of the city, having clearly shattered a path through part of the city. This is a strange vessel, mostly bamboo and other wood, with a large bag of canvas connected (now in tatters). This was a baloon-carried barge-like vessel, towed by an azure chariot spell, cast by Mnemon Marbado. At Mnemon’s request, he brought Mnemon Caras Para and a full talon (125) of troops. The barge was caught by the sand clouds, and didn’t fair very well, crashing into the town and killing most of the soldiers. The two dragon-blooded took the rest of the men deeper into the city, and they’ve been getting decimated by glass beasts since.

Aspects: Sky High, Sandstorm




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