Eye of Autochthon

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Art by AndyHep

An artifact of immense power, used by a variety of figures throughout history to muck things up. Basically the biggest McGuffin in the game.


  • RY 146: Bagrash Köl uses the Eye to build a great kingdom in the North, which surpasses the early Realm. (isle.19, ocdx.16, coin.13)
  • RY 176: The Eye of Autochthon destroys the kingdom of Bagrash Köl. (coin.11, coin.13)
  • RY 244: Manosque Viridian uses the Eye to attempt a coup. He is destroyed by Realm defenses/when his army falls into the sky. (isle.19, ocdx.16)
  • RY 604: The mortal prophet Ikerre uses the Eye to slay enormous numbers of Souther Fair Folk, transforming them into the multi-colored quartz that now forms the Glittering Desert. (wyld.110, masq.46, tdso.14, fair.39, fair.74)


  • Eshemati, a "servant" of She Who Lives In Her Name, may have given Bagrash Köl the location of the Eye in exchange for his freedom. (exdb.66)
  • The Eye can quell the Wyld. (wyld.26)
  • Many suspect the Eye to be in the Glittering Desert, as this is where it was last used. (wyld.111, fair.39) This location is claimed to be "Old Gem" in earlier books (auto.223)
  • Example of a "world-shaking wonder" (ocdx.16)
  • The artificial intelligence Icemind is formed using crystals from regions transformed by Bagrash Köl's use of the Eye. (wola.110)
  • Many members of the Cult of the Restored Primordials believe that only something like the Eye will allow them to reach their goals. (sfrm.20)
  • The MountainFolk consider the Eye to be something of a "holy grail", though they have never seen it. (fair.289)
  • Immune to Radiant Matrix Transmutation. (auto.158)
  • Use as an "ultimate weapon" by various Deathlords in the "Locust War" scenario. (auto.216)
  • Specific effects against the dead. (auto.218)
  • Probably capable of containing the Kukla. (auto.223)
  • Acts something like a central character in the "Quest for the Great Source" scenario. (auto.232-271)
  • The Eye could awaken Autochthon from slumber if taken to his core. (auto.290)
  • Bagrash Köl used the Eye to create the city of Old Crystal from nothing. (bstn.118)
  • Mentioned as a possibility for the Legendary Artifact merit. (play.24)