The Outside Calls

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Abstract: A force is felt pulling exalts towards the South

Dramatic Purpose: Exposition. Move the story to the next phase, the pull to the Eye.

Setting: Back in the inner religious chambers

Order: After the Rave Against the Machine.

Principals: Kerok, Gloriously Still Alloy, Heavenly Bitter Metal, Silkily Descending Mountain, Unrepentantly Battleworn Servant

Specifics: Circle called in and told that the loud noise was Ot screaming (due to shadowland formation, but they don't know that). Told of a pull felt by jade castes to a source in Creation. Ot claims to see a faint column of light in the same direction. Circle might remember reference to scream in the Tome of the Great Maker. Kerok wants to mount an expedition to the place, sending the three alchemicals in the room. Asks for assistance. They know the direction, but not the final destination.

What to do with Jorias is an interesting issue. Fair-Spoken Rishi may have figured out a way to keep Jorias' charm operating, once he has started it. Jorias needed to travel quickly, but that may not matter. If using Jorias' spells, need to know destination.

Might make sense for some to stay behind. Might not. Will Regret still be trackable?

If Jorias uses spell to travel, can change direction in air, but are not very maneuverable.

Outcome: Circle will probably travel to destination with Alchemicals.