Ninth Hunter

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Born in the frozen wastes of the north, Night Hunter exalted as a lunar while defending his tribe from raiders. He took to sorcery quickly, and became well known in No Moon circles for his tenacity, bravery and success in tracking down occult knowledge, though some questioned his willingness to employ demons. As is turned out, the skeptics were correct to worry. Not long ago, Hunter attempted to summon Ronwe, the Unlit Pedagogue, to make use of her reputation for finding secrets. Hunter lost control during the summoning, but Ronwe allowed him to believe he had succeeded. Seeing in him a perfect candidate for corruption, her persuasive powers convinced him to study necromancy, beginning a long slide into depravity. Eventually, they caught wind of rumors that the Broken-Winged Crane had surfaced, and Ronwe convinced Hunter that he needed it.

Ninth Hunter typically fights in beastman form, and will tend to have Hide-Toughening Essence, Five-Dragon Blocking, Five-Dragon Form and Scimitar Claw Technique running. He generally fights defensively, using sorcery or necromancy whenever possible, usually starting off with Thunder Wolf's Howl or Flesh-Sloughing Wave. If fighting hand to hand, will generally use Adder Fang.

Gender Male Height 195 cm Eye Color Blue
Nature Visionary Weight 97 kg Hair Color Blonde
Type Lunar (No Moon) Skin Color White
Concept Scholar
Appearance ••
Charisma •••
Dexterity •••
Intelligence ••••
Manipulation ••••
Perception ••••
Stamina ••••
Strength •••
Wits •••••
Artifact: •••••
Cult: ••
Heart's Blood: •••
Manse: ••••
Renown: ••••
Resources: •••
Sheltering the Pack (moonsilver articulated plate)
Dragon Tear Tiara (moonsilver)
Essence-Containing Gem (medium)
Gem of Memory Will
Hearthstone Compass
Shade Urn
Skin-Mount Amulet
Stone of Dream Entrance
-0 _
-1 _ _ _ _
-2 _ _ _ _ _ _
-4 _
Inc _
Natural Soak 4B/2L/0A
Total Soak 22B/14L/12A
DBT Natural Soak 10B/5L/0A
DBT Total Soak 24B/17L/12A
DBT + Hide Natural Soak 12B/5L/0A, 2 Hardness
DBT + Hide + Form Natural Soak 12B/12L/0A, 2 Hardness
DBT + Hide + Form Total Soak 34B/34L/12A, 2 Hardness
Athletics  •••
Awareness  ••
Craft  •••  Necrosurgery +0
Dodge  •••
Investigation  ••
Larceny  ••
Linguistics  ••
Lore  •••
Martial Arts  •••••
Medicine  •••
Occult  •••••
Presence  ••
Resistance  ••
Sail  ••
Stealth  •••
Survival  ••
Languages Skytongue, 4 tribal tongues, Old Realm
Conviction ••••
Temperance ••••
Valor ••
Willpower •••••••••
Essence ••••
  Personal 22 (0)
  Peripheral 58 (0)
Limit 4
Face 5
Renown 157
  Succor 11
  Mettle 54
  Cunning 51
  Glory 41
Dexterity +1
Stamina +6
Strength +3
Resilience of Nature
Wound-Knitting Power
Ghost Sight
Enhanced Senses
Ox-Body Technique
Hide-Toughening Essence
Five-Dragon Blocking Technique
Five-Dragon Claw
Five-Dragon Form
Five-Dragon Fortitude
Five-Dragon-Force Blow
Unspeaking Aura of Dread
Deadly Beastman Transformation
Finding the Spirit's Shape
Towering Beast Form
Calling Luna's Favor
Hide of the Cunning Hunter
Celestial Circle Sorcery
Form-Fixing Method
Moonsilver-Shaping Rite
Shadowlands Circle Necromancy
Tattoo-Cutting Wisdom
Terrestrial Circle Sorcery
Stealthy Fox Method
Deadly Claw Blow
Sinuous Striking Grace
Snake Body Technique
Scimitar Claw Technique
Adder Fang Method
Claws of the Silver Moon
Body Weapon Technique
Banish Ghost
Flesh-Sloughing Wave
Hungry Creeping Shadow
Raise the Skeletal Horde
Soul Brand
Summon Ghost
Walking War Machine
Demon of the First Circle
Emerald Circle Banishment
Emerald Countermagic
Sprouting Shackles of Doom
Thunder Wolf's Howl
Blood of Boiling Oil
Demon of the Second Circle
Magma Kraken
Sapphire Countermagic
The Spawning of Monsters
Swift Spirit of Winged Transportation
Voices of Distant Regard