Bezul's Proposition

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The circle retrieved a note from Bezul, via the pre-arranged drop in Sijan. He writes:

Noble exalts -

Several months after leaving your company, something occurred to me which I would like to discuss with you. As you know, I am an essence merchant, trading raw essence, essence gems and services to fill them. This business has reached a point for me where, though I have the time, sadly I cannot expand it much further. This is not to complain, as I live comfortably; however, it seems that your travels may take you over the breadth of creation, where you might find all manner of trinkets of power that are far beneath your notice, such as the pile of minor loot you plundered from Cahlenna's entourage.

While I do not know what the disposition of these and similar artifacts has been, I can tell you that I could probably find willing buyers for them. From what I understand, the essence gems I sell (and, particularly, the ability to fill them) are somewhat rare in the living world. So, I would be interested in setting up a trading system of sorts with you, exchanging whatever you might be willing to part with for essence gems of equivalent power. Similarly, I would be willing to refill such gems in exchange as well.

If this proposition holds any interest for you or, even if it doesn't, please drop me a message. I look forward to working with you.