Adrios Plan

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In no particular order, possibilities for Adrios. This make use of the cost and training times chart.

The Way of the Archer

Adrios is one of the few in the circle even capable, much less talented, of effective ranged combat. To make him better:

  • Sight Without Eyes
  • Accuracy Without Distance (Arc 3, Ess 1, req: Sight Without Eyes)
  • Heart-Seeking Missile (8xp, 40hrs) - Make a ranged attack undodgeable and double damage successes (Arc 5, Ess 3, req: Accuracy Without Distance)
  • Unhesitating Arrow Technique (8xp, 40hrs) - Make a reflexive archery attack. (Arc 5, Ess 3, req: Trance of Unhesitating Speed)
  • Combo: Heart-Seeking Missile, Dazzling Flare Attack, Unhesitating Arrow Technique, Unhesitating Arrow Technique, Seven Shadow Evasion
  • Reversal of Fortune Shot (8xp, 40hrs) - Shoot an incoming ranged attack down, deflecting it onto a new target. (Arc 5, Ess 3, req: Arrow Storm Technique)
  • Elsewhere-Hidden Bow (8xp, 40hrs) - Summon or banish bow and arrows to/from Elsewhere. (Arc 5, Ess 3, Immaculate Golden Bow)
  • Eye of Creation (??) - For one minute, the effect of distance on sight is eliminated, allowing you to see to see as far as line of sight allows. (Awa 5, Ess 5, req: Hundred Leagues Sight Procedure)

The Way of Magical Alchemy

Study the way of the science of magical alchemy:

The Way of Defense

Adrios relies primarily on dodging incoming attacks, but also has a number of soak enhancing abilities. For more:

  • Scattered Sunlight Attitude - Your body breaks into motes of sunlight, allowing you to perfectly dodge an attack (even if it is undodgeable or unexpected). Your body reforms up to your full movement rate away. (Dod 5, Ess 5, req: Seven Shadow Evasion)
  • Wind Through the Willows Approach - For a scene ranged attacks automatically miss you unless they are undodgeable, perfect, or made with projectiles larger than your body. (Dod 5, Ess 4, req: Seven Shadow Evasion)
  • Unapproachable Self Kata - Avoid a single harmful affect that targets you, even if it is not an attack. (Dod 5, Ess 5, req: Flow Like Blood, Wind Through Willows Approach)
  • Shadow of Night Kata - For a scene, become insubstantial to any number of opponents. They cannot affect you and you cannot affect them. You may spend a dice action to move a target in or out of the influence of this effect. (Dod 6, Ess 6, req: Unapproachable Self Kata)

The Way of God Breaking

Adrios has put effort into being able to fight spirits. Needs:

  • Combo: Spirit-Cutting Attack, Dazzling Flare.
  • Ghost-Eating Technique - drain essence from dematerialized spirits and permanently kill them.
  • Spirit-Repelling Diagram - Drive spirits away.
  • Demon Smiting Hammer - Enhance any attack against a spirit, making it unblockable, undodgeable and unsoakable.
  • Power-Draining Whisper - Do nothing but whisper at a target to force it (assuming it is successful) to spend twice as much Essence on charms and effects.
  • Demon-Wracking Shout - Force a demon to materialize for a scene, and cause it crippling pain. If it is killed while this charm is in effect, it dies permanently. Wyr'palja describes this as the charm that broke a stalemate in the Primordial War, allowing the solars to permanently kill the component souls of the Primordials. She also hints that it might be possible to build similar charms that worked on gods. (Occ 5, Ess 5, req: Ghost-Eating Technique, Power-Draining Whisper)