Shadow of Night Kata

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Kind: Solar
Cost: 10 motes, 1 Willpower
Duration: One scene
Type: Reflexive
Min. Dodge: 6
Min. Essence: 6
Source: Sol Invictus
Prerequisite Charms: Unapproachable Self Kata
Summary: For a scene, become insubstantial to any number of opponents. They cannot affect you and you cannot affect them. You may spend a dice action to move a target in or out of the influence of this effect.

Without making a single move, the solar becomes as insubstantial as night itself, becoming utterly immune to the attacks of those assaulting her. Upon activating this charm, the character chooses any number of opponents he is currently facing. For as long as this charm remains active, the character is completely immune to all attacks and damaging effects originating directly with any opponent selected in this fashion. However, while so immune, the character cannot directly affect any selected opponent with attacks or damaging effects himself; he is in every way insubstantial to them. Either can still affect the other with indirect effects, however — for example, caving in the roof on the other's head. The character using this charm can add or remove a single target from the protection granted by this charm as a non-rolled dice action.


Knowledge of this charm can be gained from the following sources:

Wyr'palja's Stylebook