The Wanderlust

From DivNull RPG

Name: The Wanderlust
Length: 35 yards
Beam: 8 yards
Height: 3 yards
Draft: 3 yards
Speed: 7/15 mph
Maneuverability: -4S
Endurance: Winds and currents
Standard Crew: 22
Minimal Crew: 6
Passengers: 8
Cargo: 1,500 tons
Armor: 12B/6L (18B/12L)
Mast Armor: 12B/6L (22B/18L)
Sail Soak: 4B/2L (15B/10L)
Rigging Soak: 4B/2L (7B/5L)
Health Levels:
Undamaged: ____________
Minor: ______
Critical: ___________
Inoperative: _
Destroyed: _
Weapons: None

The Wanderlust is an open ocean passenger/cargo ship used as the primary set of Archipelago Conundrum.

A modified blue-water merchant, the Wanderlust has two masts. The deckhouse has been enlarged and converted to hold passengers and the officers. The primary hold contains luggage and cargo, while the secondary hold houses the crew.


Rock on Water Rings[edit]

(Artifact ●●●, commitment: 10) – These white jade rings encircle the base of the ship’s masts. They are currently attuned by the captain. They provide the following benefits:

  • The Armor of the ship increases by +6B/+6L.
  • The soak of the masts (starting at the Armor of the ship itself) increases by an additional +4B/+6L.
  • The soak of the rigging increases by +3B/+3L, and it takes half damage from fire.
  • The attuned user may spend 6m, 1wp for a scene to add two successes to every action on board that directly serves the survival of the ship.

Steelsilk Sails[edit]

(Artifact ) – The magical sails have 15B/10L soak, take 20 health levels to damage and 40 to destroy. They also suffer only half damage from wind, waves or fi re. Their durability makes a ship fi tted with them easier to handle, adding +1 to all Sail rolls to control a ship in a storm or for gaining or losing speed.


  • Captain: Heavens Smashing – air aspect terrestrial
  • Propulsion: Encoralani – air elemental
  • First Mate/Arms Master: Praising Temper – fair folk
  • Lieutenant/Proreus: Flickering Bull – god-blooded
  • Lieutenant: Wolf of Heaven – god-blooded
  • Purser/Surgeon: Fluttering Bow – god-blooded
  • Steward/Cook: Sour Rampart – human
  • Proeus’ Man: Bitterness – human
  • Master of the Tops: Flowing Sword – human
  • Master of the Bow: Adamant Forest – human
  • Topsman/Carpenter: Wandering Fist – human
  • Topsman/Sailmaker: Citrine Master – human
  • Topsman Usktory: Flickering Hammer – human
  • Topsman Mira: Devouring Havoc – human
  • Formast Jack: Sorrowful Monolith – human
  • Formast Jack: Cloud Breaker – human
  • Formast Jack: Joyous Coyote – human
  • Formast Jack: Radiant Labyrinth – human
  • Afterguard: Midnight Temper – human
  • Afterguard: Tsunami – human
  • Afterguard: Sapphire Jackal – human
  • Afterguard: Venomous Misery – human
  • Cabin Boy: Iron Grasshopper – human
  • Cabin Boy: Robin’s Wing – human