Stag thoughts on Broken-Winged Crane

From DivNull RPG

Given information about Yozis, and the rumor that the Broken-Winged Crane is actually the a demon in the shape of a book, it may be possible to figure out who this demon’s higher souls are, and ultimately the Yozi that spawned it. If this is the same book that corrupted the Empress, this could be a big clue as to where she might be now. It’s also possible the book might have some kind of connection back to its creator.

How you would actually find this out, however, is a bit obscure. Stag knows he has at least the following options:

  • There is a very slight chance that Efficient Secretary Technique might be able to find out.
  • The charm Embracing Life Method (see “The Way of Knowing” on that improvement sheet I gave you) could probably answer answer this (and maybe a bunch of other questions). The training time is substantial, however.
  • It may be that more information could be found in the location where the book was found by the mortal archeologist.
  • You know that the Dragon-blooded you fought were after the book for some reason. Chances are they might know more than you.
  • You could take the book into heaven and request help from other sidereals. The drawback is that you’d most likely face severe sanctions for your activities as Flowing Pen and subsequent disappearance. It’s also hard to know if you’d be believed. Lastly, you know that at least one sidereal (your old sifu) seemed to be involved with the Empress’ corruption.
  • You could try possessing the book. It is difficult to know what this might do to you.
  • You could read the book. This would almost certainly subject you to the same fate as the Empress, but at least you’d know what happened to her.
  • You could simply try holding onto the book for later study. To do this, you’d need to convince the group not to give the book to Grandmother Bright, or convince her to give you back the book once she has it.