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The makers of Creation and the gods are called Primordials. The gods rebelled against the Primordials, with the help of the exalted. Some of the Primordials died, their bodies defining the Underworld. These Primordials are called The Neverborn. Other Primordials surrendered. These were forced to swear oaths imprisoning themselves within the body of one of their own (Malfeas) and are called Yozis.

A Primordial is best thought of as more of a region than a creature. The bodies of the Yozis, for example, take the form of hellish landscapes. Surviving records speak of at least 23 known Yozis, including:

  • Malfeas, the Demon City
  • Cecelyne, the Endless Desert
  • She Who Lives in Her Name
  • Adorjan, the Silent Wind
  • The Ebon Dragon
  • Kimbery, the Sea That Marched Against the Flame
  • Isidoros, the Black Boar That Twists the Skies
  • Oramus, the Dragon Beyond the World
  • Cytherea, the Mother of Creation

Each Primodial is comprised of a variable number of "souls". These souls embody one aspect of the Primordial's personality, and usually manifest as creatures of immense power. To kill a Primordial, all of its souls must be destroyed. As part of their surrender, the Yozis were forced to agree to serve their conquerers. Very powerful magic (solar circle sorcery) can summon a soul of a Yozi and bind it to service. These souls are called third circle demons and are extremely powerful. These creatures are dependent upon their lords, but are not puppets. One of these souls is more important than the others, defining the heart of the Yozi's being. This soul is called the Yozi's fetich.

Like their superiors, third circle demons also have multiple souls. Usually, they have seven, defining their ability to protect, gratify, define, communicate, express, reflect and understand her own essential nature. Each one of these souls also manifests as a separate entity, referred to as second circle demons. Such creatures can be summoned and bound by celestial circle sorcery.

Second circle demons can, and usually do, spawn whole races of even lesser demons. This is done through gestation, laying eggs, budding, even carving from stone, wood or severed organs. It is a mechanical/biological process, however, not spiritual. These lesser minions are known as first circle demons and can be summoned and bound by terrestrial circle sorcery.

As an example, the 18th soul of the Yozi Adorjan is the third circle demon Jacint, the Prince Upon the Tower. The wisdom soul of this demon is the second circle demon Gumela, the Jeweled Auditor. Gumela has spawned at least two species of first circle demon: Amphelisia (lizard-like creatures that can summon poisonous vermin) and Hopping Puppeteers (weird collections of legs).