Rain of Thorn

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This type of Tirobhava oath tends to be incorporated into a weapon in some way, such as a sword pommel or the gold engraving on a spear blade. The nature of the oath tends to revolve around how expanded combat prowess will be used.


An oath of this time has been sworn by Paradise and Fist.

Game Information

Tirobhava Oath
Artifact: ●●●●
Commitment: 4
Mutation Cost: 3
Mutations: Surpassing Excellence, Defining the Parameters of Battle, Grace of Infinite Revolving Spheres

While the oath is upheld, the one who swears it gains a two die specialty related to the oath that does not count against specialty limits and may ignore the multiple action penalties on her first five actions in a turn. She may also spend a point of gossamer to gain a reflexive parry at full pool against an unblockable normal or Ring- or Sword-shaping attack, adding six bonus successes.