Locating the Starmetal Manse

From DivNull RPG

Abstract: The entrance to the starmetal manse proves to be obscure.

Dramatic Purpose: A puzzle

Setting: In cliffs outside of Yane

Order: Sometime after Looking Into the Eye

Principals: The population of Yane, three Celestial Lions, a cult of the Five Maidens.

Specifics: Circle must infiltrate the xenophobic city of Yane, pass through it and reach a hidden outdoor platform that acts much like a temple. The center of this place is actually a celestial gate, but not one on the normal maps. The gate has been closed for nearly 1,000 years, since the middle of the Shogunate.

In reality, this gate was not, in fact, constructed to reach Yu-Shan, but the Starmetal Manse instead, probably by Autochthon himself. Around 1,000 years ago, however, the top of the gate was altered in a subtle way to detect a astrological configuration. This configuration occurs every year, for an hour long window on the night of the 25th day of Ascending Water. At this time, the gate is redirected to the Starmetal Manse, so anyone opening the door will gain entry there instead of heaven.

On other days, however, the tampering on the gate connects it to Yu-Shan as it it really were a Yu-Shan gate. The lions guarding the particular entrance to heaven have been instructed to refuse entry to everyone by the Five Maidens themselves. The lions are aware of the alteration to the gate, but consider it to be a vital function of the gate.

The reason for this is that 1,000 years ago, the starmetal manse was turned into a prison for a third circle demon. During the Usurpation, with all the solars gone, none were left who could banish such a creature, so imprisonment was the sidereals only option. They altered the gate to make it less likely that someone would reach the prison, but so that they could still return if needed.

One unforseen complication is that the location has become the center for a Yane-based cult who revere the Five Maidens. They meet at the gate periodically to make offerings to the Five Maidens, unaware that their next meeting will occur on exactly the day that the gate next connects to the starmetal manse.

The circle will need to deal with around 100 cult memebers, all intent on a religious rite in the place they hold very sacred.

Aspects: The Stars Are Right, Holy Ground