Interview with a Glass Sorcerer

From DivNull RPG


Dramatic Purpose: Minor puzzle, plot exposition.

Metagaming Purpose: Kill off the alchemicals.

Setting: Outside the chamber of the Eye of Autochthon

Order: After Rats in a Glass Maze

Principals: Glass Sorcerer

Specifics: When the circle enters this chamber, by means of a spiral staircase leading into a small archway. Through this is a circular room where all the veins of magical materials converge into a roughly humanoid form, with flesh and clothing made of glass, through which superimposed networks of the five magical materials can be seen, pulsing as if alive. The pattern of the veins will seem vaguely familiar, and a Perception + (Craft or Occult) (4) roll will remind the characters of the patterns and organizations of the conduits within Autochthonia.

Under the room is another chamber, containing the Eye of Autochthon. Very perceptive characters may hear voices from this chamber, coming through the floor, as the alchemicals get into an argument. With a Perception + Awareness (5) test (based on hearing), they can hear the following almost as soon as they enter the room, in Old Realm:

  • Heavenly Bitter Metal: This course of action is heresy. Heresy is not to be tolerated.
  • Unrepentantly Battleworn Servant: How can it be heresy when the instructions come from the Great Maker himself?
  • Gloriously Still Alloy: It is our clear duty to complete this mission, for the greater glory of the Great Maker!
  • Unrepentantly Battleworn Servant: Not to mention the salvation of our people!
  • Heavenly Bitter Metal: Illogical. The clear duty is to stamp out heresy, even here. Especially here.
  • Unrepentantly Battleworn Servant: Think of the bigger picture here, Heaven.
  • Gloriously Still Alloy: I warn you, standing in the way of our destiny will bring consequences!
  • Heavenly Bitter Metal: You? Warn me? Heretic!
  • sounds of scuffling
  • Silkily Descending Mountain: Don’t touch the Eye!

At this point, the floor glows with a ugly red flash, and screams echo from the floor, briefly. After this is silence.

Approaching the Glass Sorcerer causes him to animate slightly, his eyes glowing blue. He says in a slow monotone: “Visitors expected. Identify and confirm righteous entry.” Any questions are greeted with “Question not expected. Identify and confirm righteous entry.”

Once the characters introduce themselves, the Sorcerers eyes flash white and he says “Initiate soul observance method.” Suddenly enveloped in multicolored light, all of the circle feel as if their caste marks are showing briefly. He will then turn to look at no one in particular:

  • “Celestial exaltations acknowledged. One exalt will present key of passage for deconstructive analysis.” He holds out his left had as if expecting something. If asked what the key is, he says “Key of passage is vessel invested with proof of exaltation.” If stumped, an Intelligence + Lore (5) roll reveals that he wants an attuned artifact from someone. This gets destroyed as he analyzes it.

Aspects: Alien




Field Testing: