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Antoine Sartain (Isaiah Washington) in Hollywood Homicide.


Adrios exalted fairly young and, though he tried to hide is new nature, was soon brought before the Tri-Kahn of Chiaroscuro. Offered a choice between exile and service to the Tri-Kahn, Adrios chose service. For years, the Tri-Kahn secretly used Adrios as an assassin, most recently to eliminate dragon-blooded within the city. He grew to hate these tasks and most everything else about the Tri-Kahn. The only bright spot during this time was Toness, the mother of one of the Tri-Kahn’s wives. She acted as a mentor to him, and was generally one of the few people to treat him with kindness.

Toness’ philosophy was that people should do kind things for others when they could. Adrios tried to embrace this ideal and, though he often succeeded, it was directly at odds with his role as court assassin. This continued to gnaw at Adrios as he got older, and eventually became unbearable.

At this point, the Tri-Kahn tasked him with trailing a dragon-blooded who was leaving the city and killing him in the wilderness. Adrios walked after the target and did kill him but, afterwards, just kept walking. He is fairly sure that the Tri-Kahn has since sent people after him, but does not care, though he misses Toness.

Like all things, he eventually reached Nexus, where he made his living as a thief for a time, though he generally gave away most of what he stole. He also met Vravanu Koya, the daughter of a well-to-do merchant and they began seeing each other in secret.

One night, a particularly ambitious cat burglary went awry and Adrios escaped by the skin of his teeth and only then by burning quite a bit of essence. A glimpse of his anima happened to be caught in passing by Yrminias (pg. 64), who spent the next few weeks searching for Adrios.

During these few weeks, Vravanu was abducted and held for ransom. Adrios took it upon himself to rescue her, but ended up being overpowered by two dozen guards. Fortunately, Yrminias had found him by then, and was tailing him. Seeing his capture, she went in to rescue him. Yrminias and Adrios escaped, but during the battle, Vravanu was fatally wounded, dying a few days later.

Adrios was wracked with guilt, but Yrminias soothed him and convinced him to follow her. He swore allegiance to her and they left Nexus. Together, they uncovered a small demesne in the northern wilderness. Lacking the knowledge of how to tap this demesne, they attuned to it, but have otherwise ignored it.

After several days journey, the pair met Righteous Glimmer (pg. 58). Yrminas and Glimmer hit it off right away and, despite Adrios’ misgivings about Glimmer, Yrminas asked Glimmer swear allegiance to her, promising him power in return. Soon after this bargain was made, Yrminas began to feel a pull to the south.

As the journey has progressed, Adrios is beginning to question whether he likes his companions or not. Righteous Glimmer has always made him uncomfortable, but he is beginning to realize how insane he actually is.



Adrios would really like to live in a world that would just leave him alone. He knows this isn�t possible, though. At this point, he is really just trying to find his place in the universe. As such, he is open to a recruitment pitch from the players, should they make one.


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