Entering the Starmetal Manse

From DivNull RPG

Abstract: A local cult hinders use of the gateway to the manse.

Dramatic Purpose: Combat. Also giving incentive to visit the control room first.

Setting: In cliffs outside of Yane

Order: Sometime after Locating the Starmetal Manse

Principals: A cult of the Five Maidens.

Specifics: As the circle returns to the entrance to the starmetal manse, they see two changes from before. First, the gate has a soft glow about it. Second, the platform is filled with people, all members of a religious cult who worship the Five Maidens.

The gate glows because the circuit that reroutes it to heaven is inactive for the day, so the gate now fulfills is real purpose: entrance into the Starmetal Manse.

The circle will need to figure out some way to get through the gate. Chances are that a lot of the people will want to go through with them, if it seems feasible.

Aspects: The Stars Are Right, Holy Ground