Alchemical Manses

From DivNull RPG

The five alchemical manses were created by Autochthon, acting as a conduit through Creation between the Well of Souls and the Radiant Amphora of Celestial Accumulation.

While technically manses, these structures were created for reasons other than collecting essence. They still do this to some extent, but not very efficiently. Both the manses and their hearthstones restore essence at only a quarter of the normal rate.

On the other hand, these manses all have common complement of powers that cost no construction points:

  • All zero-point powers.
  • Network Node: These manses are all connected to each other, though only Autochthon can really access this network.
  • Password Activations: The primary function of the manses require passwords to be entered, the so-called “locks” on the manses.
  • Geomantic Subtlety: Having been created by Autochthon himself, the design of these manses is advanced and inscrutable. Attempts to investigate or alter the manses suffer a -3 external penalty.
  • Armored: Being made of magical materials, these manses have an external soak of 42B/32L and internal of 32B/19L.
  • Jade Manse
    • 2: Air Dragon’s Will
    • 2: Earth Dragon’s Will
    • 2: Fire Dragon’s Will
    • 2: Water Dragon’s Will
    • 2: Wood Dragon’s Will
  • Moonsilver Manse
    • 2x1: Comfort Zone
    • 3: Workshop Manse (Genesis)
    • 5: Place of Unreality
  • Orichalcum Manse
    • 1: Comfort Zone
    • 1: Emerald Tabernacle: As Rainbow Tabernacle, but only for terrestrial spells.
    • 3: Workshop Manse (Magitech)
    • 5: Outside Worlds Within. (Maybe like a “savage land” for dragon kings?)
  • Soulsteel Manse
    • 2: Dangerous Traps
    • 3: Ebon Dragnet
    • 5: Obsidian Circle Feedback: Casting Void circle necromancy causes pain, requiring spending a Willpower and making a Stamina + Occult (4) test. Totally prevents Shadowlands and Labyrinth circle.
  • Starmetal Manse
    • 2x1: Comfort Zone
    • 1: Magical Conveniences:
    • 2: Divine Observatory: Reduces sidereal astrology target numbers by one, and add five successes to thaumaturgical astrology.
    • 5: Alternate Locations: Can teleport to five different locations in the sky, one for each astrological house. While in that location, provides an automatic success for astrology within that house.