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A sleek and ornate moonsilver bow, looking almost like vines made of moonsilver wrapped together. Aborinox has a mount for a single hearthstone. In addition to the bonuses listed above, an attuned user does not need ammunition for this bow. By spending three motes of essence while pulling back the string, the user conjures a normal arrow of a desired type (broadhead, fowling, frog crotch, target or whistling). The act of conjuring an arrow follows the rules of a supplemental charm. Conjured arrows wink out of existence a few seconds after impact.

In addition, when the command word belaneth is spoken, the bow unwraps and transmutes, separating into individual moonsilver vines that begin to move. The portion of the bow containing the hearthstone mount shapes itself into a simple looking bracelet around the arm holding the bow, with the hearthstone mounted on it. The vines wrap around the forearm of the user, merging to his skin until they appear to be tattoos of vines winding up the character’s arm. This effectively conceals the bow’s true nature, but in this transmuted state, it naturally does not function as a weapon. Repeating the command word will restore it to its natural, obviously magical, bow state. Changing the bow’s shape either way requires a dice action and the expenditure of three motes of essence.


Aborinox is unique, currently owned by Guen.

Game Information

Summary: A shapechanging moonsilver short bow
Rating: ●●●
Commitment: 4
Materials: Moonsilver
Accuracy: +2 (+3 when attuned by Lunar)
Damage: +2
Rate: 3
Range: 250 (350 when attuned by Lunar)