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Thorn accumulated a number of magical items over the years. Each item is listed with a "magic level", which is a relative measure of the strength of its magical aura when examined with detect magic. The owner of the item and any command words are also listed when known.

Major Items

While some of these items are "major" only in the sense of how much screen time they received, they are important enough to have their own pages.

Other Items

Cloak of the Beast

Recovered by Bron in Mt. Harralkin, this cloak used to belong to Cyrus. It transforms the wearer into two sorts of beast. The transformation can be made every other day for about an hour. Cirrus seemed to be able to use this once a day, perhaps due to his beastly nature.

Command word: toska

Transformation into a large boar. The transformation seems to last longer if the user is a male. This form provide a enhanced sense of smell and increased speed. Perhaps endurance is increased as well.

Command word: trelef

A transformation into a large humanoid creature, very strong with sharp claws. Such a transformation heals all damage. This transformation lasts longer for females. This transformation entails some berserker characteristics, especially once blood is spilled.

Fire Sword

Magic Level: 5
Owner: On loan to Brimbrax

Presumably created by Necron, this sword belonged to the fire (orange) member of the Flowered Fist. It has many abilities, but the only one we know for sure is a huge fireball (cw: ignus).

Entwining Daggers

Magic Level: 4

Liberated from Brill, these three daggers entangle their opponents. They are +1 daggers. When thrown and scoring a hit, the hilt unwinds in 5 segments. Targets with a strength of at least 18/51 can save vs. paralysis to get a chance at escape by making a bend bars/lift gates at half. The vines require a +3 or better weapon to cut. They will disentangle after 10 minutes. If they are broken or cut, the magic is lost.

Ioun Stones

Magic Level: 5
Owner: Tanador

This blue stone with green specs adds one spell to the number that can be known by a caster for each for each level of spell.

Ring of Free Action

Magic Level: 2
Owner: Kheizget

Found on the body of the captain of the royal navy ship, this ring allows full movement underwater and prevents the wearer from being bound.

Ring of Jumping

Command Word: goban Allows jumps of 30 feet.

Rings of Protection

Magic Level: 2
Owner: McBride

Found on the body of the captain of the royal navy ship, this ring improves armor class by 1.

Magic Level: 2
Owner: Zem

This ring, taken from Iron Jack, improves armor class by 3.

Magic Level: 2
Owner: Iadra

This ring, taken from Iron Jack, improves armor class by 1.

Ring of Swimming and Water Breathing

Magic Level: 2
Owner: Zem
Command Word: loma

Taken from Iron Jack.

Ring of Water Breathing

Command Word: quanta

Staff of Thunder and Lightning

This staff was taken from Malachi. At that time, it had roughly eight charges in it. It can be recharged, but how is unknown. It has five abilities:

  • Thunder - Strike, +3 (or better) to hit, save or target stunned. 1 charge.
  • Lightning - Spark. Needs to hit. If armor is metal, AC of target is 10. 1 charge.
  • Thunderclap - huge noise, save or be stunned. Temporary deafness. 2 charges.
  • Lightning Strike - 8d6 (any 1s rolled become 2s). Can effect up to 3 targets by forking bolt. 2 charges.
  • Thunder and Lightning - Combines 3 and 4, but all 1s become 3s. 4 charges

Sword of Wounding

Magic Level: 4
Owner: McBride

This is a +2 or greater sword that causes wounds that cannot heal, even magically. It glows yellow and makes a sucking noise when it his. The only way we've found to heal these wounds is via wish.

Vest, Silvery

Magic Level: 5
Owner: McBride

Found on the body of the captain of the royal navy ship, this vest is made for sailors.

  • Provides AC 0.
  • Cast strength as a fighter 3 times/day. Command Word: dobah
  • A touch (Command Word: raipien) transfers 4d6 hp from target to user once per day. You can gain more than max hp this way.
  • dispell magic once per day. Command Word: despa
  • Waterbreathing


Magic Level: 2
Owner: Dowell

This headband provides improved navigational abilities. It was recovered from Admiral Iron Jack.

Cloak of Protection

Magic Level: 2
Owner: Tanador

From Admiral Iron Jack, this grey cloak improves armor class by 2.

Belt of Fire Giant Strength

Magic Level: 4
Owner: McBride

From Iron Jack.

Short Sword

Magic Level: 4
Owner: Iadra

This finely made +2 blade emits a slight blue glow. Web (2/day, Command Word: wooobee). From Iron Jack.

Gauntlets of Strength

Magic Level: 3
Owner: Bron

+1 to strength.