Rave Against the Machine

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Abstract: A dance party to banish a shadowland.

Dramatic Purpose: Close the shadowland, interact with Autochthonians.

Setting: The room containing a shadowland, heavily altered by Varden

Order: After Righteous Judgment

Principals: Silkily Descending Mountain, Unrepentantly Battleworn Servant, Graciously Proletarian Honor, Vehemently Thunderous Denial, a huge crowd of exclusively Populat workers (equal parts male and female, and all young, athletic and fairly attractive), the bands Fistful of Contraband and Gremlins Taste Better.

Specifics: Cruxis gathers a big crowd (and changes to normal appearance as well) and lots of booze. Some events:

  • Vehemently Thunderous Denial (Essence 6 orichalcum caste) Shows up prior to start to act as a sound system. Also has gas dispersal with some type of pleasure drug.
  • Cruxis will suggest
  • Graciously Proletarian Honor (jade caste) drinks a bit too much, and her Thousandfold Courtesan Calculations and Emotive Aesthetics of the Body Electric run in overdrive.
  • Silkily Descending Mountain smacks Cruxis on seeing him for the first time.
  • Silkily Descending Mountain trails a number of mortals who fawn after her, to her irritation. Will try to counter seduce people in subtle ways (Perception + Socialize (2) to notice).
  • Unrepentantly Battleworn Servant wants to dance a lot.
  • Some ghosts come in to dance. They are trapped in the Labyrinth and want help to escape.
  • Women hit on the exalts.
  • Some very sick people arrive, assuming that the place is still being used as a hospital.
  • A woman starts spasming at some point, screaming out "the eye is open! the eye is open!" over and over until passing out. She is mortal, but if essence sight is used, she will show a strange sort of shimmer, like gears are turning under her skin.
  • Cruxis uses charms to talk a subset of the crowd into an orgy.
  • A fight breaks out among members of Fistful of Contraband, which may spread if the circle doesn't stop it.
  • Many wonder what the loud noise was.
  • Lots of talk about the cure. Many snuck out of sealed areas to be at the party.
  • Some people will wander into the shadowland if no one is watching.

Outcome: If it gets fun enough, the shadowland will close.