Mnemon Ashkimadan

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Ashkimadan was a mature immaculate monk, known for his charm and administrative abilities, both of which kept him assigned to the Imperial Palace for much of his career, usually working with the All-Seeing Eye to analyze and share intelligence for and with the Immaculate Order. Known to be somewhat hostile to his own house, most of the other houses were quite fond of him, though his devout adherence to the Immaculate philosophy and the path of the Water Dragon kept him above most political scheming. Even so, Ashkimadan was assassinated a number of years ago, though the motive for the killing remains unclear. Some within both the palace and the order believe that he faked his own death in order to retire to a live of contemplation in the west.

In actuality, Ashkimadan died hundreds of years earlier at the hands of the lunar Sulvad Tiaosa, who consumed his heart and took his place until members of the All-Seeing Eye began to suspect he was a threat and "assassinated" him. Sulvad's regeneration saved his life, but he gave the appearance of death to leave him free to pursue a new endeavor: becoming Mnemon Dedyn.