Iron Monsoon

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Iron Monsoon was a First Age lunar exalt, husband of Wyr'palja before killing her and committing suicide. While alive, he ruled and help build the city of Q'in Sanizaj. Monsoon took the parrot as his totem and was an accomplished artificer, alchemist and celestial sorcerer of the Salinan school. He also mastered all aspects of the human form, encoding his knowledge onto the Monsoon Needles.

It is assumed Monsoon was the architect of Wyr'palja's mausoleum, where he himself is also interred. At the time of his death, however, the dragonblooded who helped him kill Wyr'palja told the citizens of Q'in Sanizaj that he had acted alone and, as a traitor to the great Wyr'palja, was drawn an quartered, with parts of his body scattered to the ends of Creation.