Onyx Blossom

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Born in Chiaroscuro. Stunningly beautiful zenith caste solar. Exalted in city, brought to Tri-Kahn, serving him as a concubine and spy ever since. Dances at an upscale club off of the water, with quite a following (thanks to Fragrant Petal Fascination Kata). Drafted by Flaxen Catacomb and Hammer in the Woods to help them control the Tri-Kahn.

Will attempt to avoid combat, if possible. Like most martial artists Blossom has a long ramp-up time. In combat, will activate the following in order: Flow Like Blood, Distracting Banter Method, Spirit Strengthens the Skin, Durability of Oak, Dreaming Pearl Courtesan Form. Will usually spend most actions defensively, using Seven Shadow Evasion against really dangerous opponents. If outnumbered or wanting to be non-lethal, will use parries and Sash Grapple. If defenses work, may use combo to go for blood.

Gender Female Height 176 cm Eye Color brown
Nature Hedonist Weight 60 kg Hair Color black
Type Solar (Zenith) Skin Color dark brown
Concept Manipulative concubine
Appearance •••••
Charisma •••
Dexterity ••••
Intelligence ••
Manipulation ••••
Perception •••
Stamina ••
Wits ••••
Artifact: ••
Influence: ••
Manse: •••
Automaton Assassin (orichalcum)
Bare Fist
Collar of the Dragon's Fresh Breeze
Seven-Section Staff
Skin-Mount Amulet
The Freedom Stone
Wind-Fire Wheel
-0 _
-1 _ _ _ _
-2 _ _ _ _ _ _
-4 _
Inc _
Natural Soak 2B/1L/0A
Total Soak 4B/2L/0A
Athletics  •••
Dodge  •••••
Endurance  ••
Martial Arts  •••••
Medicine  ••
Performance  •••  Dance +3
Presence  •••••
Resistance  •••
Socialize  •••••
Compassion ••••
Conviction ••
Temperance ••••
Willpower ••••••••
Essence •••
  Personal 17 (0)
  Peripheral 46 (6)
Limit 2
Graceful Crane Stance
Monkey Leap Technique
Flow Like Blood
Reed in the Wind
Reflex Sidestep Technique
Seven Shadow Evasion
Shadow Over Water
Ox-Body Technique
Demure Carp Feint
Dreaming Pearl Courtesan Form
Flurry of August Leaves Concentration
Fragrant Petal Fascination Kata
Lethal Paper Fan Attack
Pearlescent Filigree Defence
Resplendent Sash Grapple Technique
Vindictive Concubine's Pillow Book Understanding
Blizzard Under Metal
Durability of Oak Meditation
Spirit Strengthens the Skin
Distracting Banter Method
Graceful Deflection Technique
Knowing the Soul's Price
Mastery of Small Manners
Motive-Discerning Technique
Wise-Eyed Courtier Method