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Firth Hugglebottom
Firth Hugglebottom

Frith is a halfling rogue in the Greyhawk campaign, played by Russ.

Frith Hugglebottom came from the village of Hufflepuff on the outskirts of lands protected by Helvic. Frith grew up knowing that someday he was going to be famous, like his Aunt Cleo. She had left town when she was young and came back rich to settle down.

Nevertheless, Frith always got into trouble. He couldn't keep his hands out of other people's things. He had a very mischevious mind and was always looking for ways to leave a lasting impression. The lasting impression he got was a quick boot in the rump for trying to steal the town constables favorite beer mug and replace it with a tea cup.

Aunt Cleo took pity on Frith and took him into her home. She put a switch to his rear and taught him to pay attention to things at home. He became more attentive to instruction and began to learn things that would help him achieve his goal of becoming someone famous.

You see, Aunt Cleo was an accomplished but retired thief. She felt that it was time to quit, settle down and start a family. Young Frith could become her prodigy and carry on the proud Hugglebottom name. He had very steady hands which made for a good lockpicker and trap disarmer. He also had a quiet step. He was a natural.

After a few years of quiet training, Frith was ready to enter the world. Giving him a little bit of money, Frith was given a happy and warm farewell. BOOT!!!!

Frith headed to Helvic, a place where he could ply his trade and hopefully gather a group of people together to adventure because that is what Aunt Cleo told him. During his first few days, he first went to the Happy Cow Tavern where a fellow halfling owned it. He was promptly thrown out for asking him about adventuring and was told to go to Lady Luck Tavern.

When Frith went there, he was amazed at all the regalia and memorabilia in the tavern. He told himself that one day he would open such a place with a collection of things from adventures. While there he saw someone that seemed to be very out of place. A beautiful young half-elf sat in the corner, simply listening to the stories being told and then writing them down on a piece of parchment.