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Notable areas in Helvic:

  1. Barracks – Militia Commander Sherlyn Spearslayer
  2. Caravan Gate – Road leads south to the river town of Riverhead. Outside this gate are the tannery and caravan grounds. Large items and livestock are purchased here.
  3. Caravan Quarter – Many transient residences and small stores. General items can be purchased at a few stores here – Lord of the Kitchen, Dragon Supplies, The Laughing Salesman, The Unicorn’s Point, etc. There are also many small inns – Griffin’s Way, Sleepy Hollow, The Way Inn, etc.
  4. Beory’s Temple (Mother Oerth) – Mother Maerovyna
  5. Large Cisterns that water is stored in. Filled by the Waterman’s Guild. Headed by Guildmaster Williams.
  6. Grazing pasture for the Lord’s horses.
  7. Cromach the Blacksmith – Maker of household items and animal care equipment. Considered to be the best in Helvic.
  8. Tower of Delfin Yellowknife – Teacher of magic in Helvic.
  9. Derval’s Smithy – Run by the dwarf Derval Ironeater and his family. Considered to be the best Armorer and Weaponsmith in the County outside of Jurnre or Silverhold. His shop produces weapons, armor and barding at full prices. His shop also contracts construction in town.
  10. Lord’s Castle – Helvic town and it’s local environs are lorded over by Lord Pwyll Daggerford, Knight of the County. Parents are deceased, has older sister, Lady Bronwyn Daggerford (unmarried). His chief advisors are:
    • Sir Llewellyn Long-Hand, Chief Master-at-Arms
    • Kelson Darktreader, Master of the Hunt
    • Gwydion pen Dafwyd, Court Wizard
    • Sir Elorfindar Floshin of the House of Long Silences, retired elven general of Celene. Lives in a large home several miles north of town.
  11. Farmer’s Gate – This west gate leads to a road towards Jurnre. Outside this gate as well as the south gate, caravans leading to the west camp here.
  12. The southwest quarter house many of the local farmers and miners. This area is noisy and smells of animals. There are no small stores or shops.
  13. Farrel’s Fine Jewels and Apparel – This store is a large branch of a jewelery company from Jurnre. One can buy or sell various gems and jewelery or fine cloths. Small gems and silver is brought here from Silverhold and made into jewelery. Sometimes people can actually watch items being made. The proprietor is Master Allen Farrel.
  14. Guildmasters Hall – This large building houses the offices of the various guilds in town. The offices of the Farmers Guild, Miners Guild, Fishermans Guild, Artificers Guild, and Traders Guild are here.
  15. Happy Cow Tavern – A tavern run by Fulbar Hardcheese, a halfling who openly tells adventurers and soldiers entering his establishment.
  16. Korbus’ Jewels and Fine Ornaments – A Jewelery specializing in fine jewelery and gem cutting. There is much competition between him and Farrels. Run by Korbus Brightjewel, a gnome.
  17. Lady Luck Tavern – Formerly a warhouse, now a large tavern run by Owendon, son of Darryl Orcslayer. This tavern patronizes adventurers and soldiers. The walls are adorned with trophies, weapons and armor that people have brought back. A stone column is in the center of the taproom inscribed with the symbols or names of people who have died or disappeared on quests.
  18. Temple of St. Cuthbert – High Priest Liam Highjudge. He is the only priest in the town who has the ability to Raise Dead.
  19. The Marketplace – Farmers, merchants, and the Miners Guild sell foodstuffs, unprocessed ore, metal ingots, and goods from temporary booths. Prices are standard here.
  20. Money Quarter – There are nice houses and wealthy people living here. Several retired adventurers live here. There are no people of note here, most are warriors.
  21. River Gate – This gives access to the Old River. It is used mainly by the Waterman’s Guild and people who wish to use the river for trade or travel.
  22. Rivermans Quarter – This section houses the fisherman and river boat merchants who begin from here to travel down the river to Riverhead and beyond.
  23. River Shining Tavern – A large entertainment center and eating restaurant. It is a bit expensive, meals starting at 1 gp going up to 5 gp. A room upstairs starts at 2 gp, but they are reserved for nobility, and influential or wealthy patrons. The owner, Jarryd Delimbiyr, is a snooty fellow, used to serving wealthy patrons.
  24. Stables – This building is a large stable used for everone. Costs are 2 sp per day for stabling and 1 sp per day for feed and water.
  25. Shrine of Heironious – Not all Knights in the area fall under St Cuthbert. Baergon Bluesword is the current Commander of this small shrine. Since mostly men-at-arms and some adventurers worship here, funds are low. The church is a run-down building next to the barracks. Slowly as donations come in, is the building being renovated. The only nice room is where the silent vigils are conducted. Bryan is a newly ordained priest from here.
  26. Towers – Made of stone and set into the bedrock. They are 30 ft tall, each three stories and a roof to keep lookout.
  27. Shrine of Rudd – A small but fairly popular place. Many adventurers and soldiers go her for worship or a dice game with the leading priest Bando the Lame.
  28. Wall – The wall around Helvic is mostly an 8 ft earthen mound, topped by a 10 ft wooden palisade.
  29. Waterman’s Guild – This is the home of the water carriers guild. The water carriers go upstream to collect spring water for the town.
  30. Wayfel’s Smithy – A human smith who produces average items that will not see heavy wear and tear. His goods are 20% cheaper than Derval but is known for shoddy goods.