Dense Effulgence Root Warstriders

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Dense Effulgence Root hosts three general purpose warstriders, originally indended to aid in mining and, secondarily, to defend the manse. Shorter but broader than common warstriders, these warstriders can maeuver in the mine surprisingly well, and are well suited to tunnel digging and hauling debris. Primarily geared towards labor, they are not as ornately decorated as some warstriders but, being first age construction, still manage to outshine more modern versions.

These warstriders were constructed from the mine's oricalcum and draw their power from the manse directly. They cannot be powered with hearthstones nor move more than three miles from the manse. If transported beyond this, they become inert until returned.

By concentrating for a single dice action, the wearer of one of these suits may cause a design on the forehead of the warstrider to illuminate, casting bright light in front of the warstrider, perfect line for mining. While this light is on, the climate within the armor and for five yards around it is kept 10° cooler.

While normally piloted, these warstriders can be animated by anyone attuned to the manse who is physically within the manse's hearth. When so used, they are extremely clumsy (Dex 1) and can take only a single dice action each turn. The one controlling them may see through their "eyes" and perform simple tasks (Athletics 1, Craft (Architecture) 2, Craft (Mining) 3, Melee 3).

Game Information

Artifact: •••
Soak: 20B/20L
Strength: 12
Mobility Penalty: -6
Fatigue Value: 6
Equipment: Mining pick (speed: +1, accuracy: +1, damage: +8Lp, defense: -1, min strength: 12)