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Large bear of a man. Battle axes. Bearded. Sticks close to mage.


Stocky, shifty man, mischeivious and giggly. Black reinforced leather and short swords. From Krell. He can run, magically, very fast.

Dinas Emrys

Tall, sardonic man in scale and with two maces and an odd dagger. Green eye. Bast cleric.


Fierce, challenging woman. Ring mail, short and long sword. A fighter, attached in some way to Caius Valerius.

Caius Valerius

Tall black man, with goatee and braids. Red scarf and silver top knot. Scimitar and scale. Leader. Ex-Nyissan slave. Has run with Brimbrax and Antovel. He is Nyissan, but has an Orrite name.


Proud man in robes. Mage who speaks in clipped sentences. He has run with Brimbrax and Antovel. Can teleport with a spell. He has promised to train me. Vorigern can identify magic much faster than normal. He has agreed to train me for information about the Dream Stone. He will reward me handsomely for retrieving it. Vortigern cannot cast ninth level spells.