Against the Aurora

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Abstract: Getting through the door just angers those inside.

Dramatic Purpose: Combat. Also giving incentive to visit the control room first.

Setting:The Starmetal Manse

Order: Immediately after Entering the Starmetal Manse

Principals: The Starmetal Manse Warden, twelve Aurora Sprites.

Specifics: As the circle goes through the gate, they are engulfed in light for about 10 seconds. The light slowly fades as they materialize onto a platform on the fourth level of the Starmetal Manse. They are immobile as this happens, but through the haze, they can see the Starmetal Manse Warden standing in front of a line of twelve Aurora Sprites. The warden looks officious, but once he sees the circle, his expression becomes one of surprise, and he runs from the room yelling "Intruders! Kill them!". As the sprites move into action, the circle fully materializes and a fight begins.

Gravity is very slight in this room. The floor is covered with some sort of living material, which will gently clasp anything that touches it, providing solid footing, yet it is easy to pull away. It works sort of like living velcro.

The room itself is large, curved and appears to be carved out of a large blob of rock/metal.

The Warden will be running to a tube and down into the control room, should anyone chase him.

Aspects: Low Gravity, Velcro Floor, Iron Room