Vision Consorting with the Dead

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Vision Consorting with the Dead was entirely mortal before her exaltation. She actively sought out oblivion from a very young age, obsessed with death. Even as a child, she had a penchant for destroying things for no reason, and was endlessly fascinated by the process of decay and rot.

Rather than face the punishment slated for her when she tried to flay the family cat alive, she ran away from home. Still fairly young, she charmed her way through a series of sailing merchants, most of whom were mysteriously poisoned after a week or so. She worked her way up the coast, finding herself drawn to Sijan. Instantly fond of the old city, she spent hours wandering its graveyards and getting to know a number of local ghosts.

She trained as a mortician and, after numerous attempts, she eventually became a member of the Mortwright’s Observance of the Mortician’s Order. Though extremely good at her job, she was thrown out of the order, officially accused of “acting contrary to the wishes” of her clients. Unofficially, the Order suspected she had been performing experimentation on and rituals with the bodies of her clients. Some suspected more lascivious conduct as well.

She turned immediately to a number of underworld denizens with whom she had become familiar through her duties in the order. These contacts led her into the Labyrinth. She wandered within it for some time, until stumbling across Carrionis. Impressed she had lasted that long alone in the Labyrinth, Carrionis brought her to the Lover Clad in the Raiment of Tears. Seeing her potential, the Lover exalted her, naming her Vision Consorting with the Dead, and trained her to create shadowlands within Creation.

In her short time as a deathnight, she gained quite a reputation for herself by taking as lovers only the most decayed and rotted-looking males available, confiding to a handful of ghosts that she likes “to feel corruption inside of me”. Though she and Carrionis were previously lovers, she is refusing him now, mostly just to irritate him.

The Lover provided a gentle nudge into sorcery and Vision has taken to it quite naturally. Many of her dalliances have been with entities who could teach her more of the art. She fools herself into believing that she learned celestial circle sorcery without her deathlord being aware of it, but both the Lover and Carrionis are fully cognizant of her capabilities.

Gender Female Height 172 cm Eye Color green
Nature Visionary Weight 54 kg Hair Color black
Type Abyssal (Midnight) Skin Color alabaster
Concept Priestess of darkness
Appearance ••••
Charisma •••
Dexterity •••
Intelligence •••
Manipulation ••••
Perception ••••
Stamina ••
Strength ••
Wits ••
Artifact: •••
Liege: •••
Resources: •••
Spies: ••
Whispers: ••

Bare Fist
Demon-Embracing Robes
Dragon Tear Tiara
Robe sleeves
The Death-Speech Gemstone
-0 _
-1 _ _ _ _
-2 _ _ _ _ _ _
-4 _
Inc _
Natural Soak 2B/1L/0A
Total Soak 10B/11L/10A
Craft  ••
Dodge  •••
Endurance  ••
Lore  ••
Melee  ••
Occult  ••••
Performance  ••
Presence  ••••
Resistance  ••
Stealth  •••
Conviction •••
Temperance •••
Valor ••
Willpower ••••••
Essence ••••
  Personal 18 (4)
  Peripheral 63 (12)
Resonance 0
Ox-Body Technique
Flesh-Mending Discipline
Elegant Flowing Deflection
Celestial Circle Sorcery
Corpus-Rending Blow
Spirit Sensing Technique
Terrestrial Circle Sorcery
Haunting Inflection Trick
Command the Dead
Elegant Tyrant's Majesty
Skeleton Summoning Gesture
Soul-Flaying Gaze
Spirit-Hardened Frame
Essence Engorgement Technique
Demon of the First Circle
Emerald Countermagic
Impenetrable Frost Barrier
The Spy Who Walks in Darkness
Bone Lion
Demon of the Second Circle