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Rob Sama is a legendary bad-ass, whose role playing exploits are renowned throughout the dice throwing universe. Some known characters of Rob Sama’s:

  • Le Chef Magique: Shadowrun, an obnoxiously fat, racist Raven shaman. Also, a chef.
  • Buddy: Shadowrun, a Platonist rigger from Louisiana.
  • Mr. X: Shadowrun, sexually deviant hermetic mage. Deceased.
  • Mormondu: Star Wars, a cross-dressing psychotic Wookie.
  • Walter McBride: D&D, a pirate with a passion for democracy.
  • Bartholomus Fwaalwininsky: D&D, a priest of the god of fertility, Liber Pater.
  • Rutherford: Shadowrun, an assassin with a hair trigger temper.
  • Henry James Sotheby: Cyberpunk, nude model/terrorist.
  • MC Shake & Bake: Shadowrun, gator shaman, stoner, reggae singer.